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This article contains severe mistreatment and slavery of sapient beings, in this case Dragons. Be aware that this article can be hard for some to read.
  Every advanced nation is at some point bound to find newer and more efficient power sources. In the current era fireshrooms seems to be used more and more over the Elemental Crystals. The Raitin took quite a different direction by using Dragons as their powersource.
— Yamaderis
  With the dawn of the Progressive Era lots of new possibilities arose thanks to the increased understanding of the world. Elemental Crystals (Falls) had been the main method of powering devices up until this point. The limit to these Falls was that they often needed to be recharged by magic users. At some point after 1100 AE the Raitin Gnomes discovered that the Cloudcrystals were the most efficient as a powersource for various devices thanks to their ability to generate electricity.   They started using the Cloudcrystals more and more but wondered if they could become more independent of casters to recharge them. One of the Raitin came with the idea of using electrical dragons.  

Extra Information

Scientific Name
bania . adrin (Bania Adrin)
Electric Dragon
Electric Dragons can be found in various places in Niorath but they are most common in Oneraga. The Raitin Dragons are of course bred and kept by the Raitin themselves.
A normal Electric Dragon is often able to become several thousand years old but the Dragons kept by the Raitin are often killed before they turn 100.




The first generation of Dragons that the Raitin started using were actually bought from the Dragonborn nation of Verakinon. Even to this day Raitin and Verakinon regularly trade Dragon eggs in return for slaves or technological devices.   The first generation of Electric Dragons that hatched was still treated decently at first. Since Dragons are sapient beings and able to communicate at an early age they were easy to convince to use their electric powers to recharge the Cloudcrystals. This worked well for quite some time until the Raitin started to expand their uses for the Cloudcrystals.  
by Game of Thrones


  With the increased use came the increased need for regular recharges. This became especially prevalent when the Raitin made their first Airships. These airships needed a regular resupply of charged Cloudcrystals and bringing the needed amount along on the longer flights would take up too much space and would weigh too much. For this reason it was decided to bring Dragons along on airships to regulary recharge the Cloudcrystals.  


  In current times the Raitin have a large fleet of airships which are able to travel to other continents. Before bringing Dragons along onboard this was not possible. But the Dragons did not like to stay around the ship and often started to rebel by flying away at regular intervals. The Raitin eventually decided to chain them up and only bring the small Dragons along to recharge the ships.   This marked the start of the mistreatment of the Dragons the Raitin used. While being used on airships they were confined to small chambers and muzzled. They were only freed from their muzzle to eat or recharge a crystal. The Dragons were not keen to help them recharge the Cloudcrystals so the Raitin often forced them to use their lightning breath with sharp sticks. This pratice even gain rise to a Raitin saying.  
Well it is time to poke the Dragon.
  A saying which refered to the poking off the Dragons in order to make them recharge. This saying became common as a way of telling people to hurry up.    

The Citadel

  What most people don't know is that the largest of the captured Dragons are used to power the largest technological achievement of the Raitin, the Citadel. Deep inside this flying city several large Electric Dragons are chained and forced to recharge the power supply that keeps the city afloat.   It is uncertain how many Dragons are trapped here and how long they have been there already. Those that know about it also wonder what they will do if they would die shortly after eachother since the Raitin don't likely have a lot of older Dragons to their disposal.  


  The Raitin are believed to keep several older Dragons in the Citadel for breeding purposed of their own. The are most likely not plentiful since most Dragons of the Raitin are killed before becoming to large since they are less easy to keep under control.  
Raitin Capital by Numenara

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


Author's Notes

This is one of my darker themed articles and I have therefore put a notification at the top. This article will later be expanded upon when I go into more detail once I make a full fledged article about Dragons in general.

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Jul 5, 2021 21:29 by Victoria Stone

D: Poor dragons!... Nah this actually a really cool idea for a way to provide electrical technology in a fantasy setting, I love it. The little saying added to the race tied into the lore of keeping the electric dragons working is a nice touch and adds a lot of depth. I especially like the imagery of a big floating city kept aloft by enslaved adult dragons, that's a super cool concept.

Jul 6, 2021 08:42

Yes it is quite harsh for the Dragons. :( I wanted to have people in my world that just don't care about such stuff if it increases their power or wealth because someone was bound to use them in such a way if the gain anything from it.   I hope there will be a prompt related to the floating city this summer camp because I really want to write it ^^

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Jul 6, 2021 08:58 by Keon Croucher

A bit dark, but hey its a cool unique concept. I am also pleased you took the time to mention they....dispose of the beasts before they get to large because well....Let's just say you can have all the fancy tech you want. In most settings you get a handful of ancient dragons working together? That's a society ender.   So I am very pleased you took time to mention that. That is good foresight on their part which speaks to a strong conceptualization on your part. Well done!

Keon Croucher, Chronicler of the Age of Revitalization
Jul 6, 2021 09:09

Thank you very much ^^ Yes indeed they are able to manage the large ones if they come one at the time but all at once would be very difficult to handle even for them :p   Glad you liked it ! :D

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Jul 6, 2021 15:40 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Those poor dragons...What do the other dragons think of this? Do they not care at all because they have their own slaves? What would be the size of the small dragons?

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Jul 6, 2021 15:41 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Forgot to say, I love this as a science fantasy concept :D

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Jul 6, 2021 17:32 by Gege Escriva

Very interesting article! The layout and the pics are wonderful! The concept itself is dark, deep and sad but original. The add of the popular saying about poking them is a simple and small touch but is a nice one because it is a cultural aspect, and it makes the dragons feel more in-world.   I think we can make some parallelisms between this and how humans in our world treat other animal species, in some cases species that have a sapience close to ours. Is something that can bring some re-thinking...   Great job, as always!

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Thank you for the kind words ^^ Yes indeed this is definetly something people in the real world would do for profit. It is dark but I think it is important to add such things in a world where people try to get advantages over others by any means possible.

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Aug 15, 2021 13:42

Very cool concept. There may be more in a later article, but as you mentioned the dragons are often killed i am wondering 2 things: 1. What, if anything, do dragons outside the Raitin think about this and do they take any actions? 2. Are there any body parts of the dragons that are harvested and used by the Raitin?   interesting to see dragons as anything less than equal in a relationship with humanoids though.

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Aug 15, 2021 19:09

Thanks ^^ Yes indeed the other Dragons in general do not like the current treatment of the Dragons at all but they are too few in general and not powerful enough to mount an attack against them. Some Dragonborn are even ok with the issue since they sell Dragon eggs to the Raitin for a hefty profit.   And many parts of the killed Dragons are indeed reused. Especially the scale are worked in armors to protect against the elements.

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