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Worldbuilding Awards Entries

Worldbuilding Awards

  It is the time of the year again to submit some entries for the Worldbuilding Awards! This year I have made an overview with my entries. These articles are some of my favorites and in case you haven't seen them yet be sure to give them a read!   I especially had fun with the chronicle and timeline for my new world Terra Occidentalis which is why you will see some entries from that world here as well.  

Article Categories


Hearts & Minds

Elias Sevaski "Soundwave"
Character | Jul 24, 2022
  Elias Sevaski is a famous musician and composer in Terios. He is mostly known for the opera he wrote and performed in, "The Dictator's War". This musical masterpiece has overtaken Terios by storm as it covers the recent war through the eyes of someone who fought on the frontline.

Rise of Nations

Ethnicity | Mar 9, 2024
  Isshani is the name given to the people who lived in the ancient Isshan Empire. They were mostly known for being the inventors of many uses of the powerful Mind Magic. Because of their skill in this form of magic they were able to control a large part of the continent Oneraga.  

Wonderous Nature

Mizarin Nightlight
Species | Mar 4, 2024
  The Mizarin Nightlight are a strange light emitting plantoid species that is known for its strange life cycle. Although the young start as a union of many vines that are able to walk around they lose these characteristics later in life as they develop into gigantic trees.  

Strength & Honour

First Macedonian Civil War
Military Conflict | Dec 27, 2023
  The first large internal conflict of the Macedonian empire was caused by the various satraps supporting one of two brothers. Although Philippos IV was the rightfull heir many rather joined forces with his brother Perdikkas as he was seen as a stronger leader who wanted to keep the Greek culture dominant.  

Pillars of Progress

Magic in Niorath
Spell | Jul 4, 2023
  This article discusses the origins of magic in Niorath and how the discovery of magical crystals, known as Falls, led to great advancements. These ranged from opening magic to the larger population to greatly increasing the power one is able to wield.

Myths & Legends

Organization | Dec 18, 2023
  When Pausanias II, a descendant of Alexander the Great, took control of India he opted for a more hybrid culture. One of the new things that arose was Graeco-Buddhism using religious elements of both India and Greece. This unique blend of cultures sought to find the similarities between the existing relgions and build on top of it.

Non Article Categories


Time and Space

  For the chronicle entry I have taken the timelines of both the Roman and Greek history. By clicking on certain war events new maps are opened that show the progress of conquests during that period in time.   Roman and Greek History  


  My history entry focusses on the Greek history of the Terra Occidentalis world. It mostly shows the history from the point that it started deviating from the history in the real world.   Greek History  
Sadly their were not enough participants for the chronicles so the category was cancelled. You can have a look nonetheless now but I will improve it even further for next year!


This map shows the world of Niorath with many important cities and landmarks. It also includes a few historic migrations of certain cultures/ species. The political map shows the current borders of the nations.
This map shows the world of Niorath and its various biomes and nations. The north and south pole areas are still rather unexplored because they are frequently covered in ice. Various species live there but they have not played any major role in the history of the planet. The other continents are much more populated and have seen their fair share of changing occupants.

Some areas of the world are quite different from the normal natural biomes. These are chaos areas, region affected by the dangerous Chaos Tempests who can corrupt the land beyond recognition. Many of these are the result of forbidden magic going very wrong and have often meant the end of the empires that performed the related rituals.

Geography of Niorath
Geographic Location | Aug 31, 2023

Major Categories

  For the world categories I of course selected my only two world. Niorath for the best one as it his my oldest and most expansive world. I chose Terra Occidentalis for the beauty award as it has a theme fitting style that I like.    

Best Article

  For best article I have entered a favourite of mine, the crystal casting armor. I never planned to make this before the costume challenge but I have grown to like it so much ever since and made it into an important part of the world! It allows people to enhance their magic and in some cases even cast magic without being born with the abilty to do so.  
Crystal Casting Armor
Item | Mar 4, 2024

Magic armor that enhances magic users abilities and creates some nice lighting.

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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