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Navarlia Island

You are not likely to find any type of sculptures more refined or beautiful than what we make on Navarlia. Look at the shine of this magnificent statue and say that it does not look divine.
— Enthusiastic sculpture salesman
  Navarlia is one of the smaller islands among the Elervir Isles but nonetheless quite important. It has stayed out of conflicts but still enjoyed a prestigious position due to its sacred lake and temple complex to Arisia.  
Omaleria and Navarlia

Extra Information

South-western Elervir Isles.
Warm temperate climate
Controlled by
Ariane Theodas, member of the Elervir Council.
Copper, Tin, Fish
Important Landmarks
Bronze foundries and sculptors


  The climate of Navarlia Island is rather warm but the island does see a bit more precipitation if compared to its southern neighbours. It is one of the smaller islands in the Elervir Isles group but still important due to its hills which are rich in resources.  



Bronze Foundries

  One of Navarlia's major sources of income is its metallurgical industry. This industry is still booming today thanks to the hills of the island which are rich in resources such as tin and copper. As it is the only island with a tin deposit in the Elervir Isles it quickly became rather important for warfare in the ancient history of the islands. When Iron weapons and armor became more common the importance of the bronze foundries declined somewhat.   Currently the bronze that is produced in Navarlia is mainly used to create bronze sculptures. Many of the statues around the islands originate from Navarlia. The most famous of these statues is perhaps the large statue of Arisia which can be found in the temple complex of Omaleri Island.   For most of its history the inhabitants of the island used rather simple foundries to produce their bronze that were often dismantled after use. This process did improve over time but was really changed when the Pavan Empire took over the Elervir Isles. The process was heavily industrialised and the usual charcoal fuelsource was switched for Fireshrooms.  
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Bronze Sculptors

  For Navarlia Island the creation of bronze sculptures has become the main source of income. Due to their long history of craftsmanship they are today still famous for their creation. Many of the statues which are made here are commissioned by cities in either Farlis or Pavanor.   The process of creating these sculptures has been perfected over the years. Thanks to improved casts the various part of a sculpture can be created with good accuracy and less bronze. Fine details are often still added with sharp tools and eyes can sometimes be exchanged for other materials such as minerals or gems.  

Resources and economy



  Navarlia has a somewhat fertile ground but is not a large producer of crops due to its limited size. Near the rivers of the island there are several farms that grow grains. Besides them there are quite a good number of fruit orchards with lemons being a common product on the island.   Just like most of the Elervir Isles, Navarlia has quite a large fishing industry. Most fishing is done close to the islands but the inhabitants of Navarlia do venture further out into the sea.  


  Mining is an important part of the industry of the island as the bronze production requires a good amount of copper and tin. These metals take up the majority of the mining industry but there are also limited amounts of gold to be found on the island. Some types of bronze produced on the island use a small amount of this gold to give it a more vibrant shine.  

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