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Omaleri Island

As every mother knows the pain of losing a child does not go away. Arisia, our mother goddess, was no different. Every year she left a pink flower in the lake in honour of her lost twins. As the seasons passed by the lake grieved with her and took the colour of the flower of sorrow.
— The sorrow of Arisia
  Omaleria is one of the smaller islands among the Elervir Isles but nonetheless quite important. It has stayed out of conflicts but still enjoyed a prestigious position due to its sacred lake and temple complex to Arisia.  
Omaleria and Navarlia

Extra Information

South-western Elervir Isles.
Warm climate but is still not as dry as Saralith Island.
Controlled by
Ivalikem Sandorio, high priest of Arisia and member of the Elervir Council.
Copper, Fish, Olives, Goats, Tourism
Important Landmarks
Lake Itherika, Temple of Arisia


  As one of the more southern islands of the Elervir Isles group, Omaleri Island has a more warm climate. Rain is not common on the island but luckily several small rivers ensure that it population still has their water supply.  



Lake Etherika

  Not many who visit Omaleri Island let an opportunity to visit Lake Etherika slip. It is one of the most curious lakes to be found in Niorath due to its bright pink colour. Scientists are still not sure why the lake is coloured this way but there are some theories that it could be due to algae or the salinity of the water.   It is also an important site for pilgrim as it is believed to be a sacred lake created by the nature godess Arisia. The people of the island believe that the twins of Arisia and her husband Atmisan fell in this very lake after which they were transformed into the first dolphins. Arisia moved the twins to the sea nearby as the lake was too small for them.   Every year Arisia returns to the lake to add a pink flower to the lake in honour of her children. Over many years this eventually gave the lake its colour. The pink flower itself was also known as the flower of sorrow and is still a common sight on the island. Many believe that the pink dolphins are especially blessed by Arisia and they are considered to be the most sacred among the dolphins.  

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Temple of Arisia

  As the island is considered sacred in Hadenian mythology a large temple was constructed in honour of the nature and moon goddess Arisia. At the start this was a fairly simple temple constructed out of wood but eventually more expensive materials were being used when the temple complex was expanded.   The largest of the temples uses the resources of the Elervir Isles to the fullest. This was of course made possible due to the many contributions by the other islands who sought to gain the favour of Arisia.   The main temple uses marble from Elehas Island and is decorated with art and metals given by the other islands. One of the most iconic landmark in the temple complex is the large bronze statue of Arisia which was donated by Navarlia Island.   The largest celebrations in the temple are the Moontide festivities which are common on the Elervir Isles and Terios.  

Resources and economy



  As Omaleri Island is rather dry there is not a lot of opportunity for agriculture at large scale. The people of the island therefore tend to cultivate crops that don't need large amounts of water such as olive trees.   They prefer to use only smaller livestock which is why there are a large amounts of goats on the island. The milk from these goats is used to creates various cheeses and it a specialty of the island.   To diversify their food sources the inhabitants of Omaleri are also known to fish quite often and even go quite far into the deeper sea to get some premium fish like swordfish.  


  Because there is a large temple complex and a sacred landmark on the island there are quite a large amount of visitors to the island. There are many inns in the larger settlements to meet the needs of these travellers.   Besides the pelgrims there is also quite a large amount of rich people of the Pavan Empire visiting the island. Many of them own a luxurious estate on the island and spent their holidays here.  


  Although limited there is still some degree of mining on the island. This is mainly due to the copper deposit which was found on the island. The island often traded with its close neighbour Navarlia in order to procure tin. This has led to some small scale bronze production which is mainly used for religious items.  

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