Moontide is a tradition in the Elervir Isles and Terios that is now celebrated in many settlements located near the sea. Typically, it occurs two times a year when both moons, Aziel and Naelik, are full. This is prone to change, however, since both moons have different cycle times. Both moons are often full for several nights. During those nights a festival is being held, which is important for many pregnant women as it is the most likely time for childbirth for women nearing the end of their pregnancy.  


  According to Hadenian mythology the moons are the palaces of the married gods Atmisan and Arisia. Before they got married, each of these gods built a golden shining palace on their respective moon: Atmisan on Aziel and Arisia on Naelik. From afar they saw the other's creation growing and became ever more curious and keen to visit it. One night when both moons were pointed towards Niorath, Atmisan decided to travel to Naelik. He mounted his dragon and flew to the other moon. After walking the halls of the palace Atmisan was inspired with new ideas to improve his own castle. But as he was guided through the palace by Arisia, he became infatuated by her. When the second night of the full moons was coming to an end, he decided that he wanted to stay longer until the next time both moons would be full. And so both gods stayed together and grew ever more fond of each other. When the night came that he would need to return, Atmisan asked if Arisia would join him. Since that moment both gods have been travelling between the moons every Moontide. When Arisia gave birth to twins, their joy was immense but this only lasted for a short while. On their journey during Moontide a fierce wind blew and the twins fell down towards Niorath. Seeing that they would fall into a lake Arisia was terrified of them drowning. In a swift use of her magic she changed the twins into two water creatures which would become the very first dolphins. When her children grew restless in the small lake she moved them to the larger ocean where their offspring still lives to this day.   Ever since, Atmisan and Arisia shed a tear every Moontide causing the sea to rise higher than any other time of the year. Because of the rising waters all dolphins migrate closer to the coast, where they flock together and jump as high as they can in an attempt to return to the moons. The magic of this tear, which is strongest near the coast, blesses anyone near it with easier childbirth. That is why every Moontide Humans and dolphins join together near the coast to celebrate Atmisan and Arisia.    



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  During the day of the Moontide festival families either catch or buy a large amount of fish. On top of that, the soon to be fathers also carve a wooden dolphin statuette. Once the night falls and the moons become visible, the pregnant wives and their husbands set out on large boats and sail a bit further from the coast where they dock. In all cases they are accompanied by midwives ensuring that everything goes well. During the night dolphins arrive close to the boats and can often be seen jumping. The husbands then procede to drop the fish in the sea as an offering to Atmisan and Arisia which is quickly eaten by the dolphins. If the child is born during that night, the husband then throws the wooden dolphin figure he made into the sea as a final offering to the gods. People who did not give birth on the first night of Moontide return during a later night which in most cases is the night of their childbirth. The people who do not go out on the boats typically stay at the shoreline and throw fish. Children often make little competitions to see who can throw a fish the farthest. Once the boats return, a large celebration is held at the beach with friends and family.  
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  The nights of the Moontide are also the time that the dolphins are most likely to give birth. If a father is able to see a baby dolphin during that night his child will be blessed with good luck. Another good omen during the Moontide is seeing at least 20 jumps of dolphins near your boat. In the event that both occur, your child is bound to have a legendary fate. It is said that the founder of the city of Golandon, King Evanios, was blessed with this luck.   Any child that is not born during a Moontide, which is still the majority, does require the same wooden dolphin figure as an offering to Atmisan an Arisia. Not doing so would induce bad luck on the newborn child.  
I am so honoured to be standing before you today. We all know it was not easy to get through these tough years, but together we managed to achieve something great. I want to thank my teachers, fellow students and especially my parents for helping me become who I am. A special thanks goes to my dad, who saw several baby dolphins on the day of my birth. Withouth this luck he has blessed me with, I don't think I would be standing here today.
— Idoros Kaneris, valedictorian of Terian University


  The Moontide festival is originally a tradition from the Elervir Isles where the sight of dolphins is quite common. Eventually it also expanded to central Terios along the Oronia Basin. During the Moontide the Oronia Basin is filled with migrated dolphins. All settlements around the basin have been resumed practicing this tradition ever since the Avaronian Empire ended. As Terios itself grew, the tradition expanded to southern regions as well and even became common in some parts of Varena.  

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