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  Terios is a rather mixed country with the majority of the population being human. Itt is believed that the capital, Golandon, was founded by the first freed slaves on the continent of Farlis. For this reason Terios quickly became a sanctuary for all races who fled during the Avaronian oppression. Even today Terios is home to many cities and towns not directly controlled by the king but with their own governing systems. It however did not take on the name Terios until 434 AE when the smaller regions in the Oner river region united. Afterwards it took several centuries for Terios to reach the size it has today.  


  The current king of Terios is Atreus Valenis but does not hold complete power. The country is actually mainly ruled by elected representatives. The prominent families from Terios often pursue a career in politics and can thus achieve a position in the senate. Although the king can make changes to the law or determine diplomatic relationships, everything has to be put to a vote and only passes with a majority in the government. The official sigil of Terios is a Pegasus and also the mount of the most elite unit of the country the Pegasus Guard.   Terios itself is divided into several smaller federal states that each have their own governing body but still answer to the government in the capital. The reason the country was organised this way is because of the way it was created. Many of the current states were first either allies or protectorates of the larger Terios state.   All decisions for the country are made by several representatives, called Chiterae, from the different states. The Chiterae from Golandon are chosen only by the inhabitants that gained voting rights. Every federal state in Terios is allowed to elect 3 chiterae which bring the total of chiterae to 21. Among the Chiterae a leader is chosen who gets the title Anoteris. Being a Chiterae has many benefits including ensured lodging in the richer Anchia District in the capital.

Demography and Population

Originally the population was divided in two groups. Only citizens that were part of the city's directly held lands before the creation of the kingdom are called Golandians. Humanoids who moved in after the inclusion of other cities are called Alerians and typically receive less benefits than the true Golandians. Over time Terios created several laws that allowed an Alerian to become a full citizen, for example through marriage or becoming a senator. In the current times the distinction between Golandian and Alerian has become small since laws were created that ensured Alerians and Golandians were treated by the same justice system and that freedom of speech could be used without any reprecussions. However it is often still only possible for rich Alerians to get elected who are able to cover the cost of campaigning.   Most of the population in the country is Human with Half-Elves being the second largest group. In third place are the Dwarves who live mostly in Ironpeak, Semperia and Monesdia but also have a large population in the capital Golandon. Another large group is the Gnome and Halfling population who live mostly in the Bareniai region. Other races are present in the country as well but less commonplace.


Terios can be found at the most eastern part of Farlis. It lies east from Eprus and north from Varena. The northern border of the country is formed by the large Doromir Mountains. Passages through the mountains are scarces and most are under control of trading guilds from the northern republic Carthen. Along the northern mountains the climate is rather temperate with the occasional pinetree forest here and there. The north-east part of Terios is very forested and home to the large redwood trees of the Vamena Forest, the primary source of wood in Terios. From the west to the east one can do most travel across the Oner river which ends in the Oronia Basin. Golandon, the capital lies on an archipelago where the Oner and Oronia Basin meet. The region of the Oner is the most fertile land in Terios and is filled with farms along the river’s banks.   The south of Terios has a lot warmer climate which enables it to grow different things than the northern regions. Most of the agriculture here is focused on grapes, olives and other fruits.   On the south west side of the country are several small mountain ranges filled with ruins of which some are Avaronian and some Dragonborn. Currently the region is considered unsafe due to large numbers of orcs and goblins taking up camp in the ruins. Due to it’s rather central location there are often raids towards both the south and the Everswamps.   The Everswamps itself is not very populated but some towns and hamlets can be found here. Despite it’s remote location the swamps are used by the Vanguard as a main base of operation. Along it’s northern borders lies a large fortress constructed by and for the Vanguard. The reason for this location is the fact that the area offers quick acces to both Varena and Eprus.  


  Terios is home to many cities all with their distinct trade resources and general look. Terios capital is Golandon, a large city build upon an archipelago in the Oronia Basin. Golandon is best known for it’s colossal statue dedicated to Atmisan at the entrance to its harbor. Other large cities in Terios are Monesdia, known for its mixture of dwarven and human culture, and Bareniai, the southern trading city which has close relations with Oneraga traders.   Of course there are multiple other cities and towns in Terios beside these. For example the largest dwarven/drow city in Terios is Semperia. Although it is rather secluded from the rest of the country in it’s own private mountain valley, it still manages to establish itself as the main source of metals and gems in Terios. Second in size and wealth is the dwarven hold of Ironpeak located in the lonely moutain range in Vamena Forest which specialises in luminating crystals.   In the south of Terios lie the cities Hadris and Labaro. Due to the warmer climate in this region most of the economy there is based on either growing olives, grapes or other fruit. Although some good wines come from this region the wines from Varena are still considered the best.   The north eastern part of the country also serves it’s purpose despite being considered the edge of civilization in Terios. The large forests resulted in several villages and towns specialised in forestry of which Averton is the largest. All of the wood in the region is later brought to the trading city of Ostend from where it is sold accross the country.

Technological Level

Since the start of the Progressive Era the country has flourished and technological advancement has seen a significant increase. The printing press has made books more available and several cities have their own university.   In 1234 AE a major change occurred for the technological level of the country when the entrepeneur Savas Keleris opened the first factory on the continent. The technology for steam powered production originated from Pavanor where Savas Keleris studied at the Kandori'em University. Altough still 40 years behind the Pavan Empire, Terios is quickly catching up. In addition to the first factories Terios is currently constructing it's first rail road which will connect the capital with the western border.

Foreign Relations

About 82 years ago an agreement between Terios, Varena and Eprus was established called the Eastern Alliance. This cooperation was deemed necessary after centuries of infighting between the countries which ultimately gave them a weakened position against their northern and western neighbors. Since the start of the alliance all of the countries have flourished in trade and stability.   More recently the relations with the countries Mervidel and Kavonia are still at a low point after the war between the Magi Covenant and the Eastern Alliance. Violence and racism against High Elves is becoming an ever increasing problem in Terios due to the event during the war. The sacking of the Terios city Savi was deemed a war crime and currently Mervidel is still paying Terios for compensation.


The oldest university in Terios, the Terian University, is located in Golandon. This university has seen many discoveries in the sciences, especially in physics and chemistry. Other places of learning are the Keepers libraries and universities. These are founded by the foreign organisation of the Keepers. In contrast to the Terian University these institution mainly focus on history, languages and religion. A third school of learning are the institution of the Shining Crystals. These schools are the main place to be for students who want to study the aracane.


  • Terios
  • Golandon
Founding Date
434 AE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
The currency of Terios is called a Tetrae and is accepted within all cities both under direct control and the vassal city states. A Tetrae exists out of a single gold coin and is the main payment method for the larger transactions. For smaller amounts silver(Atrae) or copper (Cutrae) pieces are used. A Tetrae is worth 10 Atrae or 100 Cutrae. In some cases the use of diamonds is also accepted since they are one of the most used items for magic.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations







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