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Carthen is a Dwarven republic in the north-east of Farlis. Once it was the center of the Avaronian Empire and the ruins of the capital, Bagor, can still be found here. The majority of the cities in Carthen lie around the inner sea. In the Deldimor Mountains a number of smaller underground cities can be found.¬†   After the fall of the Avaronian Empire elemental storms plagued the inner sea and the lands surrounding it. All of the former inhabitants, which were mainly High Elves, left the region since most of the area became inhabitable. Only smaller underground settlements in the mountains, that belonged mostly to Dwarves, managed to keep most of their population. Once the elemental storms disappeared¬†the lands outside the mountains were completely devoid of humanoids. The clans would still remain seperate for several centuries and it was only in 124 AE that Dwarves started settling in the lands around the sea. The capital Calis was actually founded by a clan that originated from the current Arendor States. Many smaller states were formed over the centuries but it was not ntil 880 AE that a republic was formed by the coastal cities. Although the mountain cities do not belong to the republic the clans and the cities work closely together and share a type of dual government.


Carthen is a republic but differs from other comparable governments in Farlis. Due to the fact that Carthen is divided into sea and mountain regions a sort of dual government was created. While the mountain cities are mainly ruled by the old clan lords, the port cities are ruled by merchant families. Most of the decisions are made by the clans or the cities themselves but for general laws and economic decisions in the region a higher government is chosen every 6 years. The clans and some of the cities however do not want to have elections for leaders since some of the clans and cities are more well liked than others. To them this seemed an unfair advantage so they agreed on a different arrangement. Each clan and city elects one candidate to represent them. From these candidates 3 city and 3 clan members are chosen as the higher government.


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