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Mervidel can be considered the oldest of the Elven countries on Farlis. Although it has changed over the years and at one time was even split up in several states it is still considered the last remnant of the Avaronian Empire. The majority of the population in Mervidel are High Elves with a high concentration of Wood Elves in the more forested regions. In the cities and especially the magical institutes one can find Dragonborn studying along the High Elves. Other races are rare in Mervidel and not many wish to visit the country after the war.  


The government system in this country is still a Magocracy in which the Mages hold the power. This is still in accordance to their ancient Avaronian traditions with some slight chances over the years. The leader is chosen among the most powerful and educated of the mages. This election happens in several stages.   First every magical college has to put forward one of it’s esteemed members as a candidate. Most of the time this is a clear decision without any need of a vote. If several mages are comparable in power it results in a smaller election. Once every college has determined their candidate the real election begins. Every major city in the country holds an election for their favorite candidate. The candidate who wins in a certain city gets one vote. In addition to the votes of the cities the council of mages also gets several votes which can outweigh the city votes. The council itself exist out of previous archmages, other important members of the colleges and members of the most influential families. It does not occur very often but this system allows the council of mages to ignore the suggested candidate of the cities. Although this system would allow mages of low birth to become leaders it is more common for a member of an influential family with powerful members to take the title. Many of the leaders from the past centuries can actually trace their roots back to the original High Avaronian families. After 20 years however a new Archmage has to be elected.   However this did not always happen as it should be. The most recent example is Archmage Verakon Elervir who was in charge for 53 years before being killed in the war of 1244 AE. After his death a power vacuum was created which is still causing trouble to this day with ‘unfortunate accidents’ happening to candidates.

Demography and Population

The largest group of humanoids living in Mervidel is of course the High Elves. Some of the older families can trace their origin back to the original noble families of the Avaronian Empire. Descendants of these families are called the High Avaronian families and members of these families are the most likely candidates for positions of power in the country. The reason for this is that members of these families are more adept at using magic than the other High Elves. The more prominent families in Mervidel are Elervir, Ingoldo, Rovaras, Luvyrea, Farmir, Ensysea, Valmaer and Yelthin.   All Elven countries including Mervidel have a large Halfling population in the rural areas making them the second largest group in the country. The forests of Mervidel, especially the Izim Woods, are populated by several groups of Wood Elves. The number of Wood Elves is however not as high as in the other Elven countries. Another group that is common in Mervidel is the Half-Elves. Many of the Half-Elves originate from the Avaronian time when the High Elves occupied many lands mainly populated by Humans. Lastly near the south border a large number of Dragonborn can be found.


Mervidel lies north of Eprus and south of the Arendor States. West of it lies another Elven kingdom named Kavonia. Mervidel is a rather forested region with the high elf cities often only accessible after traversing over long roads through forests. The Izim Woods is the largest of these forests and stretches from the western to eastern border in the northern part of the country. The roads however are well tended and kept safe by both a large military presence and magic. To the annoyance of the Wood Elves living in these forests, more and more forest is cut down to make room for the ever growing High Elf cities. The south of Mervidel is warmer and holds the majority of farmland as well as the larger cities of which Farmar, the capital, is the largest. Next to the capital is Lake Ereton which is well liked because of it warm temperatures during summer.  


Near lake Ereton the capital Farmar is located, an ancient city that existed since the middle years of the Avaronian Empire. Although it has been renewed and expanded in all those centuries some of the original buildings are still left and well maintained such as the Summer Palace and the Archtower.   Some of the other cities and towns can be found within the Izim Woods themselves. These cities once started from small clearings but are well populated in current times. Several Wood Elf villages can be found here as well but with the growth of the High Elf cities many of these villages were abandoned for more remote areas. The largest cities within the woods are Elyeriadin and Gaval’in. Close to these cities a lot of forest has been cut down to make room for farmland. Due to their proximity to the Arendor States these cities are lucrative trade hubs and the roads leading to them are well protected.   Most of the farmland of Mervidel can be found in the south with several small and larger towns scattered in the region. Besides the capital one other city is located near lake Ereton along the western side, Tenevar. This city is closest in proximity to Aldhir and has a large amount of Dragonborn living there. The markets of Tenevar offer the best option in the country to find more exotic goods from the southern countries.   Along the south eastern border with Eprus many of the old cities of the Avaronian Empire can be found which have long been abandoned. The region is filled with ancient ruins but the city of Marelia is still well maintained. Most of the superior wizards in Mervidel come from this city and it’s university is well known. In addition the city has the second largest library in Farlis.

Technological Level

Mervidel and the other countries have taken a slower progression into the Progressive Era. Unlike the human countries it has been able to maintain stability throughout the centuries and deems technological advancement not a high priority. Certain advancements are however adapted. The printing press for example was something they country of Mervidel adopted quickly. For most things however the advancements in the country were mainly due to research into the arcane and novel ways to improve upon it. Magical knowledge and the components for magic are much more available in Elven countries. Where other countries created mechanisms for construction or to move items the High Elves of Mervidel would use magical means. Besides magic the other interests of Mervidel are astronomy and biology. They have several observatories and their medical institutions are among the best of the world.    Many of the heavy tasks are done by golems or other magical constructs. Extensive weather control systems ensure an almost perfect conditions for agriculture. Many of the roads are self repairing and defended by pillars that keep any monsters away. Besides travel by road other transportation means were introduced over time of which the flying skiff is the most recent one. Most of the constructions work by using elemental gems. Mervidel and other Elven countries are located in a region of Farlis where the veil between the elemental planes and the material world is thin which gives them a steady supply of elemental energy to use.    Some of the inhabitants however worry about the technological development of the Pavan Empire and more recently Terios. They fear that Mervidel is too set in it's ways and will quickly lose the position of power if it stays behind.

Foreign Relations

Since 624 AE the remnants of the Avaronian Empire had their final split into Mervidel, Kavonia and Aelerium. Originally they formed the Magi Covenant together with the Dragonborn country Aldhir. Since 897 AE Aelerium is no longer a part of the Covenant. Their reason for leaving was the fact that Mervidel still held the most power in all political matters mainly due to their powerful bloodlines and the forced export of their prime resource, elemental crystals. After 897 AE the country Aldhir was also forced out of the Magi Covenant but remained an ally from time to time.    The other countries remained with the Covenant for several centuries until in 1240 AE a war broke out between them and the Eastern Alliance. Currently Mervidel and Kavonia are considering getting rid of Magi Covenant and rejoining both countries.    Due to the recent war all human kingdoms are mistrustful of Mervidel and the Magi Covenant. Especially in Eprus, the country that had to endure the worst of the war, hate towards High Elves has reached an all time high.


The most prestigious schools in Mervidel are those that teach studens about the Arcane. All of the larger cities in the country have their own Arcane College. The most renowned of them is the college of Marelia with the college of Farmar in a close second place. In addition Marelia has the second largest library on the continent. Beside the arcane institutions there are two other universities, one in the capital and the other in Elyeriadin. The university of Elyeriadin is known for it's courses in biology and is the origin of many of the greatest healers.


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Geopolitical, Magocracy
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Palace economy
The currency in Mervidel is Orley which is used across the entire country and accepted in Kavonia, Aldhir and can be easily traded in the banks of the Arendor States. The most common form of the Orley is the silver piece for 1 Orley which is used as the standard. The other silver coins are 10, 50, 100 and 500. For the larger amount a golden Orley is used which is worth 1000 silver Orley.
Neighboring Nations

Mervidel is part of Magi Covenant



Unstable Peace


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