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Golandon Palace

The palace is by far the oldest structure in the  city and perhaps even the country. It was already in use when in the Avaronian time so it is rather difficult to pin down when it was constructed. Since it is also not found in any Avaronian construction records it is possible that the building dates to the start of the Avaronian Empire or even before that which would make it 3000 years old. Despite it's age the core of the building is still in perfect shape and did not need much renovation over the years. The building however was expanded over the years with new wings being added to it. This made the palace a bit of a mix of two architecture styles. The original architecture of the building did however influence the first building style when the city was settled making many of the earlier buildings look similar to the old palace.


The architecture of the palace has actually two architecture styles. The oldest part of the building is in a style which can't be replicated anymore because the materials that are used are still unknown to this day. As the main material a white stone like material was used not too dissimilar to white marble. Unlike marble however the material is very strong and nobody has managed to make a dent in it to this day. A second material looks comparable to the first but is dark blue and more sodalite like. The entrance of the building is still mostly the same as the original. A few terraces are placed in front of the building with a small waterfall cascading down from them. On each of the terraces various kinds of flowers were planted. Some thing were added over the years however. Along the ramp entering the building several dolphin statues were placed and at the bottom of the ramp statues devoted to Atmisan. The entrance itself is more trapezium shaped, a shape that has later on been adopted for many doors in the earlier builings of the city. The income hall itself is also trapezoid in shape but this form has not been possible to replicate in other buildings. The pillars inside the building are all bigger on the top and with a wave like pattern at the top. From the core of the building two wings extend to west and the east. Most of the original building has remained the same but a top floor was added with a terracota roof.   Connected to the west and east wings of the original building new parts were added to the palace several centuries later. In the new wings the pillars and door style have remained the same. The materials that are used here are different since the original one can't be reproduced. To create the same colors marble and sodalite were used to decorate the palace. At the outside inbetween the floors¬† the building has been painted with multiple patterns in blue and green.
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