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The Periga

As in almost all of Terios cities the Periga is the central hub for the city. In Golandon the Periga itself is larger than usual and it has an even larger amount buildings around it. Altough the Periga is often the marketplace of a city this is less the case for Golandon since it is on the top of the hill. The square is mainly used for large events and espacially for religious ceremonies. Any of the new laws the senate voted on are also presented here. The Periga has three entrances. One exits to the large bridge that connects this discrict with the Anchia District.The other entrances are connected to two large streets that connect directly to two gates of the city's outer walls. Around the Periga several buildings can be found. The following buildings can be found around the Periga  
Temple of Atmisan
Atmisan is the patron god of the city and ensures that Golandon stays a prosperous trading city. Within the temple there is a smaller version of the statue in the harbor. The position of high priest is a great honor and it can only be achieved by a Golandian. Many merchants travel here to ask for a blessing for their journey after leaving sacrifices to Atmisan.  
The Epesera is the building for all citizens registration. The clerks here are handle giving permits for ownership in the city, registering newborn children and all manner of civil services.  
Temple of Chrios
Merchants often visit the temple of Chrios after a visit to the temple of Atmisan to ask for a profitable journey. If a merchants does not need to travel by sea they will only visit this temple.  
Temple of Ateus
Ateus is the Gelenis god of the dead and it's priests are responsible for overseeing the city's funerals. Most ceremonies take place within the temple but publicly known figures often have their funerals on the Periga itself to accomodate all the guests.  
Temple of Jenasa
Marriage is handled in the temple of Jenasa and can be held outside on the Periga if the number of guests is too large.


The Periga was one of the first gathering places in Golandon. When the city was founded most of the population was living in the Anchia district with some people living on the second Periga hill. As the city grew so did the amount people living on the second hill as the Anchia district became too crowded and a gathering place was created where markets could be held. The first large building here was the Temple of Atmisan, then still partially in wood. In the year 22 AE an attack on the city caused most building on the Periga hill to be destroyed, including the temple. The Golandians decided to fortify that part of the city and started rebuilding it. In the year 32 AE the construction was finished and the former marketplace was paved and lined with several stone buildings.
Founding Date
32 AE
Alternative Names
The Hill
Market square
Parent Location

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