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Keepers University and Library

The library and university of the Keepers are an alternative to the Terian University which focuses more on the sciences. It is an extension of the Great Library of Adroon and was constructed in 1067 AE with only 2000 books at the start. Over the years several of the books and scrolls of the library of Adroon were copied and distributed across their other libraries. Today the library in Golandon is home to about 10000 books. However anyone who wants to get access to them has to pay either a fee or be a member of the Keepers. But as the main source of ancient knowledge on all kind of subjects their are a lot of people who want to pay for the use. In 1141 AE the library expanded and added a university to their buildings. Any students here are also allowed to use the library free of charge.   For studies of┬áhistory, literature, art, law, relgion and politics this University is the best in Terios. Altough the science courses are given here as well they tend to be less up to date in comparison to the Terian University. Since it is a building owned by the keepers the majoriy of the teachers are either Dragonborn or Gnome.
Founding Date
1067 AE
College / Academy
Parent Location

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