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The Cryserium


The Cryserium is the building of the mage organisation known as the Shining Crystals. They are both a commercial organisation that handles in selling potions, magical items and magical services, and a school for mages in Terios.   In this building the majority of the mages of Terios are trained. Not only candidates from Golandon itself but also other students attend here. The Cryserium is led by three Magisters that all have their own quarters in the building.   Student do have to pay an entrance fee that is large enough to be hindering for the lower classes. If an aspiring mage can't pay it sometimes is possible that a senior member takes the mage as an apprentice, although this is extremely rare. Those who don't have a magical ability from birth are required to buy their own Falls to become a caster. This is option is therefore only for the richest.   On the commericial side the services include enchanting and casting of spells. In addition they allow the use of several teleportation circles in the Cryserium. The fees for their services are quite high but it is often the fastest way to travel to a distant land. The circles are free to use if someone teleports to them from somewhere else but they do require a registration and an intial fee to learn the sigil required to use the location.  


  The building itself is covered by green marble at the lowest level and has blue glazed bricks for the remaining levels. This is in stark contrast to most buildings where often only the ground floor or a small strip exists out of glazed bricks. In addition part of the bricks are in different colors which creates an effect of purple flames on parts of the walls. The center of the building is hexagonal with additional sides portruding in all directions.
Founding Date
1023 AE
College / Academy
Parent Location

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