Keleris Estate

The Keleris Estate was several years ago still known as the Amferiori Estate. When the last member of this family died it fell into the hands of a Pavan nobleman. With no intentions to settle in Golandon he decided to sell it. At that time the entrepeneur Savas Keleris was looking for a larger place to stay given his ever growing wealth. From then on it was renamed to the Keleris Estate.


As one of the newer estates in the city the architecture is a lot more modern. Instead of the classic tree like or large top columns the Keleris estate uses thinner columns with well decorated tops that look like wave paterns. The use of marble and limestone is also more prominent. The building itself also has a large ballroom which has become one of the places to be for the elite of Golandon.
Parent Location

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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