Archonic Temple

With the growing number of believers of the Archonic faith, the temple and it's visitors have grown over the last centuries. Many of the followers are from either Verenan or Pavan descent but Golandians have started to convert as well. The temple in Golandon is the largest of the country but smaller temples can be found in the other larger cities.


It is constructed out of bricks but has an outer shell of limestone and  at some places pink marble. The building itself is hexagon in shape  and has a roof in a similar shape. Terracota rooftiles were used but unlike with most buildings in Golandon these were painted red. Another defining feature of the building is the use of large lead glass windows that are well decorated and colored. The inside of the buidling is well illuminated thanks to these windows. Part of the building process was sponsered by the Pavan Empire and it's church.
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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