Aloris Bathhouse

The largest bathhouse in the city is located on the southern side of the Periga hill. In addition to a large indoor area there are also several terraces linked to the bathhouse that accomodate gardens and ponds. The bathhouse was constructed by King Aloris and is used by the general population of the city, especially Alerians. The fee for this bathhouse is fair for most inhabitants.


While most offical buildings in the city have some form of glazed bricks on the ground level, the bathhouse's lower level is painted in different shades of blue. The murals are made to look like waves and along the entrance wall two large swordfish can be seen. The inside is however is forseen of glazed cermanics. There is both a cold water and a warm water area. Later on a seperate pool was created for visiting humanoids was created because the hairs of humanoids with fur bothered the humans going to the bath.   Both outside and inside the same style of pillars are used. These pillar are a bit smaller at the bottom and become larger at the top. Some of the pillars inside are elaborately painted in blue and green colors. A large mural near the cold bath shows king Aloris riding in a chariot drawn by 2 pegasi.
Founding Date
327 AE
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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