The Tenements

The tenements is the most crowded area of the Psigest district. Most living spaces here are not larger than one room and always confined within a larger building that is often 6 stories high. Although these buildings were quite decent once the spread of vermin and diseases several decades earlier has caused many building to be neglected.


When it was build the tenements were quite nice. The building had four major wings with an inner courtyard between them. The courtyard was filled with flower arrangements and some pine trees. Several statues of important Golandians were placed along the edges of the courtyard. The buildings themselves were painted in dark blue colors with dolphin patterns on some part of the building. This was in contrast to the more often used swordfish pattern. Once the building was abandoned however the colors started to fade over time while the roofs were eventually replaced with wood because the original terracotta roof had collapsed.


The building was actually originally constructed to be a high end hotel when the Psigest district was still the new and hip district. The building served this purpose until the earthquake of 1183 AE when part of the Psigest district sunk deeper into the ground. With the value of the district going down shortly after the building was abandoned. Eventually new poorer residents claimed it.
Parent Location

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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