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The skydock is one of the newer building in Golandon. It was build in 1123 AF after the Oneragan gnome nations were deploying their first airships. Currently also airships from the Pavan Empire are docking here. It can support 4 large airships and several small ones The skydock exists out of a large tower that extends into a crosslike formation at the top. The walkways extending from the edges are held stable by magic and can be retracted. Additionaly a large aehter cannon has been placed on the top to defend against air attacks. This cannon was bought from Oneragan traders. Only 5 other cannons of this type are placed around the city due to their high price.
Founding Date
1123 AE
Transportation hub
Parent Location

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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