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Union Day Report

General Summary

Train Station

23rd of Raperi'el
After their encounter with the supposed Mackevor the group wanted to investigate things further. After some rest they finally decided upon their next location, the first train station. It was possible that a trap was placed here that would go off during the upcoming Union Day.   It appeared that was indeed the case since they entered the wagons and were attacked by fire elementals. They decided to travel with the train on the actual holiday of Union Day as it would be part of the celebrations. They hoped they could prevent any further issues with it the next day.  

Union Day

24th of Raperi'el
  Luckily nothing happened the next day with the train and the festivities could progress as normal. It was however quite the experience for them as no one had ever seen or took a ride on a train before. Once they arrived again in Golandon they joined the parade as guards to prevent any further issues. Again during the parade nothing out of the ordinary happened and they soon joined the festivities in the Golandon Palace.   The food, dancing and music in the palace were amazing and it looked like it could be a fantastic day. However, Finrod's mind seemed a bit absent. Eventually some members of the group started noticing that too many people were going to the toilet and taking too long so they decided to investigate. Not soon after they found out that they were being killed by the Avaronian Spectres and replaced by dopplegangers and other Spectres.   Nimble, Dimble and Aiden managed to kill the Spectres and hurried back to the ballroom. They wanted to notify everyone but even before that Finrod mentioned that most people in the room were already replaced. They had to quitely make an escape.  

The escape

  They went to the part of the ballroom where the royalty of Terios and the Pavan Empire was sitting. As soon as they told them about the situation all hell broke loose. Screaming could be heard in the room and the group soon noticed how Spectres were using special daggers to draw out the souls of their victims.   The remaining soldiers tried to make a defensive line but it was already to late. The group tried to keep the attackers away but eventually decided to retreat. On top off that the Pavan Soulknights in the room suddenly turned on them.   Through the backdoor they managed to escape with the royalty, several guards, head of the guard Nikolaos, Savas Keleris, Janos Dorivas, and some members of the Archonic Order such as Francisco and Luanda Keenkeeper.   They managed to buy themselves some thanks to the idea of Finrod and Aiden to make a part of the roof collapse. The almost made it to the escape portal when several other Pavan soulknights arrived from a different corridor. Fransico and Luanda decided to defend the position while the rest escaped. The others could only hear shouts of pain with the roof collapsing shortly after.   But they could not concentrate for long as when they were going through the portal one by one , Nikolaos attacked Niberi'es and pushed him through the portal.  

Hidden Angel

  The fight that ensued was fierce as it appeared that Nikolaos was actually no ordinary human but a Lesser Asmer. Eventually they managed to defeat him but not before Niberi'es was finally killed. On the moment of his death a light source went to the sky through the dagger that killed him. And it did not end there as also the King of Terios died in his son's hands.   They however had no time to mourn and left quickly to the airship that the portal was close to.
The Heretic's Sword
Finrod Ingoldo
Vittoria Bendetti
Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
08 Aug 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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