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Luanda Keenkeeper

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Luanda Keenkeeper is the only daughter of main branch Keenkeeper family (1 slightly younger and 2 older brothers, at least when we’re talking about trueborn siblings). The Keenkeeper family is an extremely rich noble family in Sondar, the capital of the Pavan Empire and they are the main financial backers of the current Emperor. She grew up in a very large, luxurious castle with many servants but without any emotional care or affection whatsoever.   Once, when she couldn’t sleep at night, she went to the highest tower of the castle from where she could see heretics being burnt on a nearby plaza. The warm glow of the spectacle, mingling with the screams of the condemned fascinated her. She continued to use the tower as a vantage point from which she would stare at the burning of heretics for several months, until one day when she decided she wanted to see it up close. She snuck out of the mansion and went to the plaza, where she became even more entranced by the wonderful view before her. Before she could stop herself, she began to spontaneously help light the fires herself. Onlookers were very surprised by the fervor with which a child was aiding them in burning the heretics, but nevertheless they smiled approvingly. This positive feedback – especially for one starved for affection – reinforced Luanda’s belief that what she was doing was right and good. When her father heard about this, he did not quite know what to think. Not being a religious fanatic himself, he recognized that her behaviour was very much unchildlike. Shortly thereafter, he began to hire new servants, all young children, who were to become Luanda’s companions.   She scared all of them off, however, with her erratic mood swings, sadism and fascination with fire. All of them, that is, until she met Franscisco, a stoic young boy who seemed to be the only one who tolerated her strange behaviour. He became her first and only friend, although it was still a friendship based on him catering to her every whim. When she was 16, her father informed her that she was to marry Gioffre Bandecca, the son of a wealthy banker. She greatly disliked him and refused, but her father did not relent. Luanda went to Franscisco and asked him to run away with her, but for the first time ever, he refused. In a fit of madness and desperation, she set fire to the mansion and tried to kill herself in the resulting blaze. Franscisco saved her life, however.   Most of the family castle was however destroyed in the fire and she was sent to a monastery. Franscisco followed her but their friendship was not like it was before. As a member of the Keenkeeper family she was offered a place in the prestigious military of the Archonic Church, the Archonic Order. Their main mission was finding and killing heretics, something in which she excelled.   During a failed heretic hunt in search of Mackevism sympathizers she ended up captured and badly wounded. She quickly learned that they were not cultists of Mackevism but rather Archonism worshippers with a different form of teachings. Strangely enough she learned that not all of them were bad and that even they could be good people. Eventually she was rescued by the Archonic Order led by Franscisco who killed all of the heretics. However one of them, Harkon who took care of her wounds, managed to escape.   The following months Luanda had horrible nightmares in which she changes in the most demonic creatures. During one of these dreams she accidently hurt Franscisco and gave him a scar across his face. For her this was a sign that something was very wrong with her and she decided to go on a spiritual journey through the pagan lands to the west.   Her goal during this journey was to discover more about herself and the true nature of ‘Heretics’. She also heard that Harkon fled to Terios and she had to find him even if it was only to find answers to her questions. When her ship was attacked by pirates she joined several other adventurers to repel the attack. Feeling safer in numbers she decided to follow this group in solving the cause of the problems in the Vamena region. She helped to Wood Elves of Wildhorn, she defended the town of Averton against kobolds and eventually went to Ironpeak together with the adventuring group. There the group got rid of the criminal gangs but later followed their remaining members to a temple dedicated to an evil god. Even though the worshippers were very fond of fire she still did not stop at any opportunity to kill them. When the group travelled to Ostend she received a vision.   In her vision Luanda Keenkeeper saw how dead members of the Archonic Order were all across a battlefield . Among the dead she even saw her good friend Franscisco and Endori'em, the eldest son of the current Pavan Emperor. There even were obscure figures with spectral like faces holding strange daggers with diamond tips. Inside the diamond tips she could see omnious looking magic swirling in green clouds. Believing this dream to be a vision of some sort she decided it was her time to return to the Archonic Order and make sure everything was still allright. Once they arrived in Ostend she was reunited with Franscisco who was in the process of executing dopplegangers. Luanda decided to leave the group and rejoined the Archonic Order   During this time she remained by his side and was allowed to be among the knights protecting the Emperor's son Niberi'es when he arrived in Terios. She then remained most of the time with him in the city of Golandon. She encountered the original group when Niberi'es arrived in the city and during the feast for Union Day in the palace. This was however the moment things became worse. Many of those attending the feast were killed by members of the Avaronian Spectres. Feeling the hopelessness of the situation she helped the sons of the Emperor and the royal family to escape. In the end she decided to hold her ground together with Franscisco against the overwhelming number of enemies while the rest could get away through a portal. Franscisco died at that moment and Luanda almost died as well when the roof collapsed. She was not able to find Franscisco in the rubble but after some searching she decided to follow the rest through the portal. Here she was surprised to find that the Enteria of the Pegasus Guard himself was a fallen angel attempting to kill the sons of the Emperor. In the fight that followed she suffered even more sever wounds but pulled through. When Endori'em was killed in front of her eyes she descended in a severe depression having both failed to keep Franscisco and Endori'em alive.
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