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Union Day

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In 434 AE on the 24th of Raperi'el a document was signed finally unifying the lands around the Oner and the Oronia Basin. Before this date the city of GolandonĀ  and it's directly controlled regions had the states of Varos and Ostend as it's protectorates. The Treaty of Epikus, named after the location where it was signed, finally unified the regions into the new country Terios. The reason why the treaty was signed in Epikus instead of the capital is rather circumstantial. The King of Golandon at that time was actually on his way back to the capital together with the lord of Varos. Unluckily for both of them the seafood servedĀ  was bad and both men got ill before being able to return to the capital. Since the other participants of the treaty were already in Golandon it was decided the others would just make the trip to Epikus to meet the King and the Lord. After the treaty was signed and the King had gotten better everyone returned to the city where a large celebration was held as the entourage of the King and the Lords entered the city.


To this day the special circumstances under which the document was signed has given rise to several traditions in Golandon. On the day before the 24th the King and several other Golandians travel to Epikus and have a large feast there, with no seafood at all. On the Union Day itself everyone returns to Golandon where a parade travels throughout the entire city starting from the north wall to the Periga. Most of the population celebrates on the Periga while the King and his invitees go to the palace for a large ball.   Besides the celebrations several other traditions have appeared over the years. Due to the bad seafood in the treaty story the Golandians get a fish that has already gone bad. In the morning before the parade starts they each throw one of these fish in the Oner river. In the beginning the only tradition was to only serve seafood at the feasts in the evening. On this day the king never eats any seafood in remembrance of the old story. The other people however; eat as much seafood as they can to prove they can handle it better than the old king of the story. Not getting sick afterwards is considered a good omen.
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