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Prime Asmer

Because my civilization was located deep underground we had a closer relationship with the ruins of the Asmer. For you surface dwellers it is quite an undertaking to even attempt to find one of their ancient settlements. The technology they left behind had been a major boon for our society, even though it did not help them in the end.   As to what they were like it is difficult to known even for me. They left no bodies behind so the only things we can go by are pictures and data they kept about themselves. I will discuss the information that I know even though it might be incomplete.
— Yamaderis
The Asmer are seen the Gods and angels of Niorath. This is however only partially true since the Asmer name itself is a general term for the civilization of that mythic time period. The species that makes up the vast majority of Gods and Angels is known as the Prime Asmer.   Since they were the most powerful species of that time they were the rulers of all of civilization. This all ended during the cataclysmic event known as Magicfall after which they ascended to the Divine Realms. Some people claim to have seen them roam around on Niorath but even if that were the case all their settlements have become ruins.  


  Since no real bodies were found it is not completely certain what they looked like. There have, however, been records of Angel sightings and lately scientist where able to extract information from ancient Asmer ruins which gives an idea of what they were like.  


  Their physiology is unlike anything on Niorath. The bodies of the Prime Asmer seem to not have had any biological components. They were made from some still unknown materials and a metal that scientist call Asmerian Metal.   A peculiar thing about their bodies is that they have no true faces. On the location where their face should be they have a visor with some kind of radiant energy shifting behind it. This energy can also be seen pulsating over their entire body from time to time. Some scientists believe this is the true form of the Asmer and that the humanoid form is just a shell. In addition to that the Asmer seemed to have the ability to create an illusion which made them appears as another humanoid species.   If the records can be believed it is almost impossible for a Prime Asmer to die. The only records of Asmer dying are those of the lesser kind commonly known as Angels.  


  The Prime Asmer could be found over the entire planet and seem to have had no issues with climate. Their bodies are assumed to be extremely durable and able to withstand most environments.  


  Prime Asmer reproduction is a frequently debated subject among scientists. Since they have no biological components many assume that their can be no reproduction. Others assume that they can create new shells and copies of themselves, but this is not widely accepted since the Prime Asmer seem to have different personalities.   What everyone agrees on, however, is that other humanoids can be made into Prime Asmer. An example of this is the God Lofior, who was believed to have been a Elf before ascending to godhood. Most of these new 'Gods' were known to maintain a humanoid illusion of their original species most of the time.  

Additional Information

Asmer God by Endless Space, Amplitude Studios
Scientific Name
asara . asmerya (Asara Asmerya)
Geographic Location
Asmerian (Celestial)
Favoured Climates
Average Height
Unknown: no sources have been found to make estimation of average lifespan
It is like they put a highly sophisticated being into a highly sophisticated artificial body and added divine powers to it. Even I can not make something that fantastic, and I can make a lot.
— Yamaderis

Lesser Asmer

Lesser Asmer by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
  All Asmer have the same general traits but not all have the same amount of power. Those that are lower in ranking to the Gods received other names from the people they ruled.  


  The most commonly seen of the lesser Asmer were the angels. In their true form they were always known to have wings attached to their armors and they carried special ranged weapons.   This is, however, not the form they showed themselves in most of the time as they liked to use illusion to take on a more humanoid form as well. Most commonly they took the form of Humans or Elves with white wings and always had a bright glow around them.   In contrast to the Gods they were still seen more frequently after Magicfall but there were no new verified reports since the Avaronian times. This all changed when it recently came to light that the head of the Pegasus Guard was a lesser Asmer in disguise. Something that no one had noticed before, proving how powerful the illusion must have been.


Indovir by Endless Space 2


  Since the vast majority of the world's religions are based around the Asmer it is quite unlikely that they themselves would worship something else. They ARE the Gods after all.   What we do know is that all of the Prime Asmer were subordinates to their great leader Indovir. From the records left behind we know that they all had great respect for Indovir to the degree that it would become worshiplike. When Indovir disappeared during Magicfall a large power vacuum was left behind. To this day there is still no clear ruler over the Prime Asmer which resulted in the many current pantheons.  
The Gnome god Tanajin stayed around well past Magicfall while the others left. But then those Selefer had to sent him to the Elemental Realms. Stupid snakes.
— Yamaderis


  The culture of the Prime Asmer themselves was quite homogenous even though their civilization spanned the entire planet. This did not mean that there were no other cultures at that time. The races the Prime Asmer ruled over often already had an existent culture which historians call the Asmer Subcultures.   Historians don't really have a complete picture of Prime Asmer culture. Most of it is assumed to have been kept in formats that current species can't comprehend or work with. There are however two facets that are present in the ruins they left behind  


  One of the types of art was left behind are the Amser murals. These were often created in metal with colorful light behind them which resulted in beautiful patterns or drawnings.  


  The few found ruined settlements of the Asmer give a picture of how their architecture would have looked. The majority of the buildings are believed to have been made out of some form of artifcial white stone like material combined with a strong crystalline material. The colors of this crystallike material could vary.   As for style the Prime Asmer seem to have been fond of large buildings often with geometric shapes giving their buildings a somewhat irregular look. The most common returning shape is thought to be the trapezoid.


Asmer City by Kefkejaco with Assassin's Creed Odyssey


Tanajin Humanoid Form by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
  Not a lot is known about history of the Asmer era. Most of it is more mythlike and can't really be verified. But in general the historians assume that the following events took place.  

God War

  The God War is believed to have been a large scale war spanning the entire planet between the various Asmer. How it exactly went is unclear and every relgion has its own version of it.  


  Magicfall was a turning point for the Prime Asmer. After this event the Gods retreated to their Celestial Realms deep within the Nervonia . Some are assumed to be left behind or found their way back but this is not certain.   Those that are in Nervonia communicate from time to time with their devote followers, but not very often. If they communicate it is mostly to give them tasks in exchange for a favor.  

Further Reading



  Lesser Asmer
Lesser Asmer by Kefkejaco with Heroforge

Lesser Asmer CR: 11

Large celestial, any
Armor Class: 18
Hit Points: 152 (16d10 + 64)
Speed: 35 ft. , fly: 35 ft.


20 +5


24 +7


18 +4


20 +5


20 +5


21 +5

Saving Throws: Cha +9, Str +9
Skills: Persuasion +9, Deception +9, Insight +7
Damage Resistances: bludgeoning, piercing, slashing from non magical weapons
Condition Immunities: charmd, frightened, paralyzed, exhaustion
Senses: Darkvision 120 ft, passive perception 19
Languages: All, telepathy 100ft
Challenge Rating: 11

Magic Resistance: The Lesser Asmer has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.


Multiattack: The Lesser Asmer makes two ranged attacks.   Antimatter Rifle: Ranged Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 120/360ft., one target. Hit: 29(5d8+6) necrotic damage.   Electric Discharge(1/day): The Lesser Asmer uses its armor to create an electric discharge. Every creature within 30 ft of the Lesser Asmer must make a DC 17 Dexterity saving throw, taking 39(7d10) lightning damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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