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Nimble Shadowpaws

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nimble Shadowpaws is a Nekorian and has therefore a catlike appearance. They are often the same height as regular Humans but a subspecies of Nekorian with a more tigerlike appearance can actually become larger than regular Humans. Nimble however belongs to the regular Nekorian species.

Identifying Characteristics

She has piercing blue eyes. Her fur is mainly grey with black stripes. On the front of her head the black stripes form the letter 'M'. She has rather short whiskers in comparison to other Nekorians. Unlike most of her fur, the fur on her belly is white.

Apparel & Accessories

Nimble has smooth, soft velvet black clothes on with black trimmings, she also wears black gloves all the times to hide her claws. The most notable piece of apparal are her green boots of archery. They are craftly made and have intricate designs.

Specialized Equipment

You will always find Nimble with a very big cloak with bat-like ears on the hood and it is amazing how little noise it makes when she moves about.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nimble Shadowpaw’s family was originally from the Onerega continent, and more specifically from the Mizarin Isles. During her younger years her mother was captured by a group of raiding Raitin and Nimble never saw her again. She and her father left during the war between the Pavan Empire and the country Oneragan of Samenokai. This war was mainly fought on the isles between Oneraga and Pavanor, the Mizarin Isles. Just like many other Nekorians they fled on trade ships travelling to Farlis. They eventually arrived in Bareniai and this is where Nimble spend a large part of her live. They were rather poor and had a hard life in the city.   After many years of stealing she found others of her kind that had struggled and joined their group. Together they travelled through Terios where they performed acts. Any extra money she had, she would send to her father who was finally able to open his own shop in Bareniai.   Among the group there were five Nekorians. The leader was Quick Wave (often called Wave), a male Nekorian whose family had always lived in Bareniai and had a booming fishing bussiness until the plague struck. There were also female twins named Opal and Saphy. Nimble liked the twins the most and they often pulled pranks on eachother. The other Nekorians were the guitar player Thunder and female singer Stripe.   It was during this time that the group travelled near the Endra Swamps where they stumbled upon a druid enclave. Here she met Emilio Kavone. After stocking up on food the band left again to the nearest village. However here Stripe stole something and managed to put the blame on Nimble. Nimble had no option but to flee and went to the druid enclave of Emilio Kavone. Later on they became good friends.   After the druid enclave was attacked by a Goblinoid raiding party Nimble and Emilio were the only ones left. They managed to track the Goblinoids and encountered other adventurers along the way who were looking for the Goblinoids as well. They travelled on together and defeated the Goblinoids after a long and hard fight.   Once the Goblinoids were defeated the group decided to stay together and would later became known as the Azure Defenders. The group became publicly known after dealing with the menace known as the Glutton Pair and restoring the trade routes between Monesdia and Carthen. After hearing about problems in the east and the arrival of the Archonic Order in Ostend , the group travelled to there. Once they arrived in Ostend they heard about the doppleganger problem and decided to investigate. Eventually she joined her current adventuring group when the Azure Defenders were disbanded.


Nimble learned the most from her father who was a very prestigious shoe maker. His shoes were his pride and joy and she would find him knitting designs on them and polishing them until they shined. After both her parents’ demise, she had to learn to fend for herself and had to pick up some ‘tricks’ along the road to get by. Stealing came naturally to her every time she didn’t have the means to buy herself some food. When she came part of the Nekorian group, she quickly picked up a new trade to earn her bread. Apparently beside stealing, she also has a knack for doing gravity defying stunts from roofs. In the time she was still on her own, she always found shelter on the roofs, where she felt quite safe and could easily keep an eye on her surroundings.


She has spent some times doing stunt acts with the Nekorian group of talented artists. She would run along ropes between two poles or roofs, whatever was possible or the most aesthetic. She would sometimes voluntarily fall off and catch herself to make the crowd gasp and applaud. Nimble gave up on her stealing habits as she no longer had a shortage of meals. Some days the food could be a little stale when the crowd didn’t give a lot of coins, but they always managed to get by.

Accomplishments & Achievements

After joining the Azure Defenders, a group of adventurers and arena combatants, as a very prominent and tall figure of the group soon earned a name by the great battles they fought. She could charm up the local news readers by her innocent and straight-forward demeanour. Their biggest fight was against this big, ugly troll, who was particularly clever for his kind. He seemed to be able to evade their attacks and even threw some spells at them. But Nimble was able to sneak behind him and pierce her black striped arrow straight through his throat. Then her friends were able to burn up the big brute

Intellectual Characteristics

Nimble isn’t very bookish, but she can be quite clever. When she’s not taken by curiosity, that is. When in danger, she tries to gain advantage on her enemies and only gets herself in danger (and seen) when her friends are in trouble.

Morality & Philosophy

She knows stealing is wrong, but for the right reasons, she doesn’t see why it would be a problem. She often does it for pranks or if it’s the safest, smartest course of action. She’s also on a quest to find one of her father’s make or one that resembles it closely so she could look at them and remember her father working tirelessly on another pair of excellent shoe ware. His shop was burned down after he died from the plague so the disease couldn’t fester and spread further. She wasn’t able to save a single shoe and hasn’t yet found a shoe of her father’s design in her travels. She sometimes feels like shoes are an obsession for her, but she really misses her father dearly and only comes at rest when she’s surrounded by the smell of shoes. The smell of home.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Kindness, honesty and patience. She only attacks when her friends are in danger, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly. The fact that she is a very skilled hunter is something she had perfected so she’d be able to fend for herself.

Vices & Personality flaws

She has a hard time trusting people and a deep fear of being abandoned and being on her own once again.
Date of Birth
5th Halari'el 1227 AE
Light Blue
Grey with black stripes
Aligned Organization

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