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Melon Ruins Report

General Summary

Getting Closer

39th of Raperi'el
  After a good night sleep the group left Niravi behind them and travelled deeper into the nearby forest while steadily advancing south west. After two days of travel they arrived at the river that would eventually lead them towards the Melon ruins. It, however, did not take long before they stumbled upon a remote campsite. Nimble and Dimble decided to scout ahead and found out that it was a Raitin camp. The group therefore decided to travel a bit more north of the river to avoid detection.  
1st of Halari'el
  Once they were well rested they continued further and eventually arrived at the Melon ruins that surrounded the river at both sides. They approached very quietly but soon noticed that there were several dozens Goblins waiting nearby seemingly on the verge of charging at the Raitin camp at the other side of the river. And indeed not soon after they started their attack, while often yelling "For Tanajin". Our heroes decided to join and shouted the same thing. The Goblins did not seem to mind.   A large battle on the bridge ensued wich caused many Goblins to die but eventually the Raitin Soldiers had to retreat back to their campsite where they made a final stand. With the help of our heroes the Goblins became victorious but the leader of the Raitin and several of his soldiers were still on the nearby airship. Before they had a chance to take off the group tried to get to them.   Our heroes had fought with Raitin before but they quickly found out that the leader was on another level. Not only did he have some devestating weapons he was even able to fly thanks to a contraption latched to his armor. Evenutally he did come crashing down and the armor got destroyed to the dismay of Dimble. Yamaderis, however, told Dimble that perhaps he could fix it over time. The ship was now safe from enemies and the group decided to explore its contents.   Inside the found several Dragons in bad condition imprisoned within the ship. Nimble could not stand it and decided to free them as soon as possible. But the biggest suprise was yet to come. Not soon after they found several imprisoned Nekorians and among them was Nimble's mother! Both of them cried tears of joy and the coming days Nimble would tell her everything she had been up to since she lost her. Her mother has been a slave on several Raitin ships ever since she was captured many years ago and was happy this part of her life was finally over.   In the ruins there was something else happening, however, and both Aiden and Dimble went to investigate. The Goblins opened a large door to a ruin and convinced them to go in. Inside they once again saw a strange sight of metal walls and amid it all a giant fluid tank. A strange Humanoid with an enlarged brain was floating amid the fluid. It spoke to them and announced that he was Tanajin, the main god of the Gnomes.
The Heretic's Sword
Finrod Ingoldo
Vittoria Bendetti
Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
17 Apr 2021

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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