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Aiden Bronzehammer

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Although he has grown up in an arena, Aiden still has his boyish features. Hence he keeps a beard to appear more older.

Apparel & Accessories

Aiden is still a student Paladin at the Archonic Church, but having made an Oath of Glory, he keeps his physique at peak performance. Trained with warhammers and blunt weapons, he currently wields a mace.

Specialized Equipment

Aiden has asked for a shield so he can be the protector of the party.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aiden was left behind at the Ostend arena when he was just a baby. Alongside him, the servants found a bronze hammer. He was brought before the arena master, who never had taken a wife, to decide what should happen. Instead of placing him at the orphanage, Aiden became his foster child and apprentice to one day take over the business. During the next years, he learned about cage fighting, crowd control and most important: literature.    Aiden delved into the legendary tales, the fight between good and evil. He watched his mentor warm up the crowd to cheerful applause or even make them weep when a champion felt down. Aiden started retelling the arena fights in bars, where he had his smaller, but similar successes.


As soon as he could hold a quill or a book, Aiden was taught how to write and read and mostly observe how to tell stories. But in his heart he felt he was missing something, so one given day he decided to follow his idol and became a paladin of the Archonic Church.


Formerly worked as an announcer. Even kept working at the arena when he became a paladin. Telling tales from the arena in bars did occasionally give him a spare coin, which he invested in books and donating it to the Archonic Church.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Growing up in the arena and working as an announcer, didn’t give Aiden much change to prove himself in life. He has read books of legendary actions of the Azure Defenders.

Intellectual Characteristics

Aiden isn’t a true scholar, but he does have his wits with him. Retelling great stories he read before, he also remembers tactics from the battles or how heroes were able to defeat their foes using their mind.

Morality & Philosophy

Fighting with honor, protecting the weak and bringing justice to woe bringers are codes that Aiden believes in. It may be with an occasional smirk, a joyful jest, but in the end, he will do whatever it costs to keep the ones he loves safe.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Strength,Honesty, Loyalty

Vices & Personality flaws

Sharp tongue
Date of Birth
20th Ankyri'el 1215 AE
Walnut Brown
1,75 m
Known Languages
Median, Elvish, Undercommon

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Character Portrait image: by with Hero Forge


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