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To Save Savi Report

General Summary

Wights on the path

31st of Raperi'el
  The group got closer to Savi but suddenly heard a scream coming from the distance. They decided to hide and observe what would transpire. Not long after they saw a man running away who was suddenly hit by an arrow. A few moments later a group of undead let by what appeared to be an undead wizard approached. It did not take long for them to finish the poor man. When they were dragging the corpse back to where they came form the group decided to attack and manged to beat them without much effort. Approaching Savi would need to be handled with care as it would be likely that they would run into more patrols.    

Entering Savi

31st of Raperi'el
  Once they were close enough to the walls around Savi , Nimble decided to scout in bat form thanks to the cloak she picked up in Golandon. It soon became clear that the city was filled with undead. The group wondered if their was a way to lure them away and opted to use magic near the river exit. This appeared to work as several undead went beyond the walls to investigate. What the group did not expect, however, was that they were joined by a giant Cerebus. The three headed dog easily picked up their scent and alterted those around it.   With a hoard of undead coming their way the situation seemed bleak. But then Vittoria stepped forward and used her divine powers to destroy them leaving only a few undead and the Cerebus behind. The fight was still though but without the help of Vittoria it would have been much harder if not impossible. After no new enemies arrived the group assumed that the nearby area was safe. They climbed the walls and hid in a tower where the decided to scout a bit further first. They determined that they should go to the castle and found a possible entryway through a sewer gate. Not long after they managed to quitely get nearby and entered the sewers. After a short while they arrived in the lower chambers of the castle.
The Heretic's Sword
Finrod Ingoldo
Vittoria Bendetti
Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
24 Jun 2022

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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