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Finrod Ingoldo

Physical Description

Body Features

Finrod is a High Elf making him which is most obvious in his pointy ears and elongated facial structure. The green eyecolor is also more common among High Elves. In comparison to other Elves, High Elves have longer ears.

Identifying Characteristics

Finrod has received a wound from his fight with Adalmon. The left side of his torso has therefore a scar running from the middle of his torso to the left side.

Special abilities

Finrod was initially trained to be an arcane fighter but has later on focused on the inherent arcane ablities of his family. He uses his pyromancer abilities to improve his attacks with flame infusions.

Apparel & Accessories

Finrod feels most comfortable in armor and wears it as often as possible. He had gotten his hands on an old Avaronian style armor together with the winged helmet. Recently he has enhanced this armor with magic so that it allows him to appear as any other type of clothing when he uses a command word.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Finrod Ingoldo comes from a family with a strong arcane bloodline that has an affinity for the fire element. The members of the Ingoldo family are also descendants of one of the High Avaronian families giving them a rather profound influence in Mervidel. Finrod’s father, Anoron Ingoldo, is the current high mage of the college of Marelia. His mother, Cailana Derionar, however was less magically inclined but nonetheless she was one of the important paladins in service of Framr. Finrod was the former general of the southern border army of Mervidel and was stationed in Marelia. Before the start of the latest war he was responsible for a standing army of 8000 men with another 3000 stationed along the border. During the war a large number of these troops were drafted into the Magi Covenant main army leaving Marelia only with half it's usual troops to defend the borders. These reinforcing troops for the Magi Covenant army however were killed during the advance of the Eastern Alliance towards Mervidel. There was never an attack on Marelia because the Eastern Alliance retreated when the Magi Covenant invaded Terios.   During the war Finrod was relieved from his rank as general. He had the misfortune to fall in love with someone he could not have. Olania Meliamne and Finrod had been seeing each other for a year until Adalmon Elervir started to show interest in Olania as well. Although Adalmon was only a lower member of the Elervir family he was not used to not getting what he wanted. This resulted in a conflict between Adalmon and Finrod that could only be solved by a duel according to ancient traditions. Finrod won the battle and killed Adalmon by accident after Adalmon used a poisoned weapon himself.   Tradition dictates that if a duel is one over a hand in marriage the losing family would never be allowed to ask for re-compensation. However since Adalmon was killed some form of punishment was required especially since Adalmon was a member of the ruling family. They could not kill Finrod since that would go both against ancient tradition and his status as a member of a High Avaronian family, so the next highest punishment was applied. Finrod was robbed of his rank and of his power by the Dorodir Curse, a curse which he would only be able to overcome over time and by rekindling his elemental affinity.   After this Finrod left his homeland in search of adventure and ways to regain his power. His first stop were the dwarven Arendor States but after killing an assassin send after him he decided he needed to go further away. His travels took him eastwards towards the human realms during which he learned of the end of the war. Once he arrived at the Elevir Isles east of Terios he heard about the new degree of Terios’ King. All adventurers who would help the realm to defend it’s outer regions will be rewarded by the state. Finrod took this as a good place to start his adventures and earn some wealth in the mean time. He found a boat heading for Terios named the Swordfish Blade and started his journey.


Since he was a member of the powerful Ingoldo family, Finrod received a private tutor in his younger years. He studied especially the arcane but also history, politics, geography and nature. Afterwards he studied a few years at the Arcane College of Marelia but he decided to a miltary school later on. He went to the Miliary Academy of Farmar where he was among the best students.


Formerly Finrod was the general stationed in Marelia where  he was responsible for a standing army of 8000 men with another 3000 stationed along the border. After the incident with the Elervir family he left his homeland to live the life of an adventurer.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Finrod was one of the few High Elves that became General while being younger than 200 years. During his time in the military of Marelia he improved the defences of the city significantly.

Intellectual Characteristics

Finrod is very intelligent and has both a knack for military startegies and the arcane. In his schools he was often among the best students.

Morality & Philosophy

Finrod maintains a more grey morality. He will often be open to using any means to achieve his goals as long as it not goes against his values of him or his family. Lying or deceiving are valid methods to achieve victory in his opinion.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Courage, Intellect, Strength

Vices & Personality flaws

Date of Birth
28th Halari'el 1013
Mervidel, Marelia
Known Languages
Elvish, Median, Avaronian, Celestial

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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