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Towards the Ruins Report

General Summary

Encounter in the Swamp

35th of Raperi'el
  The first few days of their journey towards the south were uneventful but everything changed once they reached the Endra Swamps. The group stumbled upon an abondonned wagon and upon closer inspection they saw the entire area around it was covered in blood. Strange tentacle like tracks could be seen all around. They did not get long to ponder the situation because suddenly a large alienlike monster made out of dozens of tentacles surged forward from the swamp waters.   It was fierce in its attacks and managed to grapple Umeko with whom he tried to run away. Luckily Umeko could free herself and the group decided to follow the creature to its lair.  

Strange Lab

  After a final battle with the creature the group decided to investigate the place the creature had taken up as its lair. What they saw was something that reminded them of the ancient Gnome cities in the Lower Realms. The entire place was made out of a strong metal, and although dirty it still looked pretty sturdy. There they saw a large tank with scattered glass and several other still intact tanks filled with a purple liquid. Inside these tanks there were plantlike creatures seemingly asleep.   Finrod, who could read celestial, managed to decipher the texts on the machines and opened the tanks to find out more about the creatures. They seemed friendly and reminded Nimble of the Mizarin Nightlights in her place of birth. Not long after an alarm could be heard and several strong looking automatons came out of a nearby pipe. Appearently the release of the creatures had triggered a defence mechanism. The group managed to destroy the automatons but noticed that they were pretty strong.   After digging a bit further Finrod found out that the entire facility was filled with these kinds of robots and that he could give them a command to attack a target. Finrod decided it was good to give it a try to make them attack Mackevor in Bagor. Not soon after hundreds of robots could be seen exiting the facility flyin away in a northern direction.  


36st of Raperi'el
  The next day the group arrived at Niravi, a quite farming town. In the local inn they noticed that a goblin was being kicked out. According to the owner of the inn they were causing trouble by stealing food recently. Appearently they were driven away from their usual territory near the Melon ruins.
The Heretic's Sword
Finrod Ingoldo
Vittoria Bendetti
Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
03 Apr 2021

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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