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Dimble Cloak

Physical Description

Body Features

Dimble is an Arekian Gnome. Gnome in general are rather small and Dimble is no exception with his 1m height. Gnome ears are pointy, long and are pointed a bit outwards. There is not a lot of difference between Arekian and Median Gnome besides the somewhat darker skin color for Arekian Gnomes.

Identifying Characteristics

After having one leg crushed by a toppled golem Dimble has opted to have it replaced with a cybernetic leg. The scientist managed Yamaderis managed to successfully replace it after a long procedure. His left leg is now fully in metal and able to function even better than his previous leg.

Special abilities

Dimble is very stealthy but is also adapt in some illusion magic which allows him to disguise himself. In combination with his illusion magic he is also known to use mage hand to do things from a distance. His mage hand is purple in color.

Apparel & Accessories

Dimble usually wears leather armor in most adventuring occasions. In addition he has a hat with purple feathers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dimble Cloak was born in the capital of Kevarim, Safir, to a middle class family. His father was a scientist for the Tinker Enclave working mostly on magical powered automatons. Dimble's mother on the other hand was a doctor who had even studied in Mervidel. Although they were not rich in comparison to the ruling trading families of Kevarim they still had a nice house in the better parts of the capital. During his childhood the ever curious Dimble would often sneak into his fathers lab to find out what he was doing. Eventually this curiosity developed into Dimble eavesdropping on many conversations of his parents or their colleagues. Since he had some knowledge of illusion magic Dimble often used illusions to pull pranks on people.    When he was a bit older Dimble's curiosity took a turn for the worst. In Safir there is a problem with counterfeits. After confronting a counterfeit love potion merchant Dimble was followed by several mob members. Luckily Dimble managed to escape using illusion magic.   Eventually Dimble decided to study at the Keepers in Adroon.  Dimble did get good grades here but was not able to contain his curiosity. After sneaking into the off limit section of the Adroon Library he was eventually caught. The Keepers decided to put him on a different learning track and invited him to become a Shadow Sage. Here he would be able to use his sneak and eavesdropping abilities to the fullest, procuring hidden information for the Keepers.


Dimble studied at the Keepers University in Adroon which has the largest library in Niorath. Here he studied all kinds of course but was especially fond of history, arcana and languages. He improved his illusion abilities a bit but eventually decided to specialize in the history of Gnomes and especially the ancient Gnome Empires. As extra courses he decided to learn Draconic and  Farlian Elvish.


Dimble is employed by the Keepers where he has the function of Shadow Sage. His job is to procure information and knowledge, if necessary through theft. In addition to searching for knowledge in the more civilized places he was also trained to search through ruins and deal with the necessary dangers if they arise.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The biggest accomplishment of Dimble before the start of the adventure is that he found an ancient Gnome ruin at the edge of Kevarim. After exploring this ruin he gained information that proved that the myth of the Divine Golem was real.

Intellectual Characteristics

Smart, studious, learns languages easily

Morality & Philosophy

Dimble is first and foremost loyal to the Keepers and he believes in their ideals. He wants to maintain knowledge and make it available to everyone but also wants to keep dangerous knowledge away from the public. According to him the Keepers are only qualified to determine if the public is ready for certain knowledge. Technology should be used for the greater good, but sometimes it can be dangerous depending on the user. If there is risk that something can be used in a malevolent way he tries to get it to the Keepers.   Violence is no problem for Dimble as long as it is necessary, he does not like unnecessary violence and will try to get what he wants with deception and negotiation first.   He is rather suspicous of power and thinks that there should be more control over it or at least seperation of power.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Dimble dislikes vandalizing  and especially the destruction of books. This also relates to his favorite hobby: reading. If Dimble has some time to spare he often starts reading his newly acquired books and if he comes in a city a book shop will often be one of his stops.

Virtues & Personality perks

Intellect, Loyality, Violence only as last resort

Vices & Personality flaws

Naive when it comes to higher ups at the Keepers


Family Ties

Father: scientist for Tinker Enclave, Kevarim, Safir Mother: doctor, Kevarim, Safir

Religious Views

Not religious, but knows lot about it

Hobbies & Pets

The owl of the family is called Archimedes but remain at their home in Safir
Date of Birth
28th Lavoni'el 1213
Brown, goatee with longer end
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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