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Castle Secrets Report

General Summary

Castle Secrets

31st of Raperi'el
  Inside the castle the group tried to keep a low profile knowning that ennemies could lurk anywhere. Of course this eventually failed and they were attacked by many strange horrifying creatures similar to the ones they encountered before. Eventually they defeated them and were able to explore the caste further seemingly without issue.   That was until Finrod and Aiden entered the wrong room. Before them they saw a dark ritual taking place. A necromancer was keeping a corpse afloat while chanting strange incantations. He did not seem to care and it soon became clear as a large undead minion with gigantic claws surged forward. Dimble was on the other side of the castle while the rest was in the garden. Just as the others were getting closer to the room the creature teleported down and started to attack Nimble in the garden. Eventually they managed to kill it and the necromancer responsible for the situation in Savi.  


32nd of Raperi'el
  After some rest the group decided it would be interesting to investigate the location that the Manticore mentioned in his journal. Aiden meanwhile couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched and attempt to find out what it was. His magical sense did find some traces of a celestial presence nearby.   Once they arrived at the ruined house of the archeologist they noticed that the Spectres indeed had been here long ago. They still tried to find out if there was anything left of interest. Luckily they found a loose stone on the floor where a hidden compartment could be found. Within they found some notes on the location and the inside of the ruins near Old Asmeth and a strange key which according to the notes could be used to open some kind of portal. The notes also mentioned that there could be more keys of this kind near the ruins.   Once they left the building they were greeted by a being which seemed to be made out of black smoke. She spoke directly into their minds in a soft yet unsettling and menacing voice. She introduced herself as Ifelian and at the mention of that name Uthrik became extremely on edge. Only a few moments later he tried to attack with his weapons, a sort of strange device able to shoot light. This act was immediately met with a show of power by Ifelian as she killed Uthrik instantly. She calmly encouraged the group to not try anything themselves.   She then proceeded to ask them to hand over what they just found. Dimble had other plans and quickly put the notes and the key in the teleport message box he got from The Keepers. This enraged Ifelian and she caused a blast of powerful energy to explode on Dimble. Everyone around him got badly hurt and Dimble himself almost died but remained stable. Ifelian on the other hand flew into the message box herself and followed where it teleported to.  

Back on the Road

  After some healing the group decided to travel back to Varos. It did not take long, however, before suddenly a giant Dragon appeared before them. Dimble quickly realised this was High Sage Syronikir the leader of the Keepers. She told Dimble what damage his action had caused. When the notes and the key arrived, Ifelian followed soon after. She then proceeded to kill everyone around her and destroyed a large portion of the Keepers University and Library in Golandon. Syronikir had no other choice than to revoke the membership of Dimble for this danger until he proves himself a worthy member again.  
33rd of Raperi'el
  Along the way the group luckily did not encounter any issues. They made a stop at the farmer house to mention the death of Uthrik to Valker. Valker thanked them for telling him and told them that at least Uthrik died fighting the good fight. He told them that if they ever come to the Dark Elf capital in the Lower Realms they could reach out to him.   Once the group arrived in Varos, Yamaderis, Kojiro and Mushashi were already present. The next day they would all travel to the Melon Ruins.
The Heretic's Sword
Finrod Ingoldo
Vittoria Bendetti
Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
20 Mar 2021

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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