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I rather not talk about the day I went into cryosleep. Even though it more than 3000 year in the past for me those memories are still fresh. And I had to make some choices I am not proud of to survive and attempt to save the city. It hurts all the more now that I know I did not fully succeed.
— Yamaderis
  In the short time Yamaderis has lived in the current time he has already achieved quite a lot. Not only has he helped Terios make new technological advances with his knowledge, he has also been able to commercialise some of it like the Prosthetics.  

Personal Life


Early Life

  Very little is known about the personal life of Yamaderis. After all he was born more than 3000 years in the past in a much more advanced Gnome civilization. He seems to have received a good education in his city of origin, Barenga, which is currently a ruin in the Lower Realms. He has told people that his specialisation was comparable to the engineering courses of the current time although he specialised more in robotics.  


  Yamaderis has not told anything about his relationships prior to his cryosleep. No one knows if he was married or had any living relatives in the past.   In today's age his has made new connection, especially with people from Terios. The first persons he met after his cryosleep were the explorers who found him in the ruins of Barenga. Since they helped him trying to find out what happened to Barenga he has a quite good relationship with them.   After he arrived at the surface he met with Savas Keleris who offered him to continue his former work as engineer to help Terios develop new technologies. Because he was allowed to live in the Estate of Savas, and because he wanted to continue his former career, he accepted.  


  Those who have worked with him know that Yamaderis is very dedicated to his work. He is rarely found doing something that is not related to a new idea he has or trying to get new information. Thanks to his curiosity he has even decided to travel the world for a while with the money he earned so far.   He is not really antisocial but he is still more of an introvert. When he talks with people he is friendly and often quite funny, although his sarcasm doesn't sit well with everyone. However, on big social events he tends to feel uncomfortable and does not like to stay very long.   As far as people currently know he is interested in finding a relationship at some point but he is not actively trying. It seems like his work and expanding his knowledge remains his main priority.
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Additional Information

Date of Birth
Unknown since the nation Yamaderis came from used another date system. They year of birth of Yamaderis is assumed to be 2703 BF
Barenga (ruins)
Current Residence
Currently resides in the Keleris Estate.
Biological Sex
Yamaderis has made clear he likes women. It is, however, not known if he was married before he went to cryosleep. Yamaderis has not told much about his previous life.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Blue

Personal History


Before Cryosleep

  The life that Yamaderis had before he was found in a cryosleep pod is only known by what he has told himself. There is of course no way of verifying if it is true. According to him he was a robotics engineer and eventually made it a top position in his research facility. His main field of interest was creating mechs and robots, which ressemble current day golems, that could be used for civilian purposes.   One of his earlier creations was an advanced mining mech which would decrease the casualties during mining operations and also improve the efficiency. This device was later spread far and wide across the underground Gnome Empire, which they themselves refer to as Tanaria.   One of his later inventions was a robot which would function as a house aid in all matters ranging from cleaning, cooking and even defending. He is currently always accompanied by one of these creations, which he has given the name Makashi.      

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The Fall of Tanaria

  According to Yamaderis, a year before he went into cryosleep a crisis arose in Tanaria. Nobody knew where they came from but at some point a large amount of Narkids appeared in the capital causing a gigantic slaughter. The months that followed would be marked by attempts the Gnomes made to contain the outbreak.   Since he was living in one of the outer edeges of Tanaria, Yamaderis decided to start converting some of his earlier designs into weaponised versions in an attempt to turn the tide. The first results seemed to be a succes and Yamaderis was able to notify other settlements to start doing the same. However, only a month later the Narkids arrived at Barenga.   He was able to get himself to safety but claims that the experience was horrifying. Not many have heard him talk about this event but those he trusts do know that he has had difficulty with what he had to do to get to safety and to try to activate all weaponised robots.   Whatever he achieved it only seems to have been a partial success as the Narkids are gone but so are any of the Gnomes of Tanaria. The only remainder of them is the vast amount of ruins in the Lower Realms and the ever patrolling robot creations. From time to time it seems like Narkid pop up in the deeper levels of the Lower Realms but they still seem to be kept in check by the robots.  

New Life

  After coming to the surface Yamaderis has taken up a new life. Just like before his cryosleep he works as an engineering, but this time on the payroll of Savas Keleris. They seem to have a pretty good working relation. The details are not known to the public but it seems like Yamaderis has already passed on a lot of his knowledge about robotics to Savas.   One of his recent reinventions has even been commercialised. His Prosthetics are widely celebrated and have already helped many. In Terios he is regarded as a hero who will bring prosperity to the nation.   Now that he has already done some work and made a decent amount of money, Yamaderis has decided to explore the surface world further. He is especially interested in learning more about the Asmer and trying to see if he can make use of their ancient technology. Aided by his robot Makashi and his other constructions he has already been on many adventurers.  
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