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Savas Keleris

What it is like to work with Savas? Well I have nothing to complain about really. He is after all the one who gave me a job in this new world after I had been in cryosleep for centuries. Although I do get annoyed sometimes that he constantly tries to get me to upgrade my wardrobe. Nothing wrong with wearing a labcoat, that is just practical. And besides I could never match his amount of charm even if I was wearing fancy clothes.
— Yamaderis
  Savas Keleris is many things. He is an extraordinary entrepreneur, a well known charmer and romancer but most of all the largest contributor to the start of the industrial revolution in Terios.

Personal Life


Early Life

  Savas was born during a time that the middle class started to increase in size. Born as the son of a wealthy trader in clothing materials, Savas did have a quite easy childhood and was able to get a good education at the Terian University. Here he originally studied engineering but after pressure from his father Savas eventually switched to economics.   Even though he was meant to take over his father business he kept his interest in engineering and would keep reading books on the subject for the remainder of his life.   After he finished his studies he went on a to work for his father and travelled to Pavanor to increase the company's influence.  


  Throughout his life Savas was known to be a romancer. This already became clear during his years at the university where he was know to have many partners, both male and female. Of course he had much of his succes in this regard thanks to his natural charisma, a characteristic that would serve him well later in life.   For most of his life he would maintain the bachelor lifestyle. However, more recently Savas has somewhat settled down after meeting Janos Dorivas. Although relationships of this kind are tolerated in Terios, marriage is not. This is something that Savas wants to change.   The relationship with his younger brothers was good as well. Savas is known to refer to his brothers as good friends and people he could rely on.  


  Later in life, and after having made his name known far and wide thanks to his company, Savas started to get involved in politics. Although other Alerians had already participated in Terian politics none were as influential as Savas.   Recently Savas has even announced his plans to become Anoteris. Many believe that if he is elected he will try his utmost best to legalize same sex marriage.  


  Savas his well liked and this is of course in large part thanks to his charming personality. He is fun to be around with and has made relative few enemies. Many know him as being very into clothing, he is rarely seen without a new outfit.
Savas Keleris by Kefkejaco with heroforge

Additional Information

Date of Birth
21st Ankyri'el 1206 AE
Terios , Golandon
Current Residence
Savas Keleris currently resides in his estate in Golandon. Like most of the residences of the rich, the Keleris Estate can be found in the Ganitas district.
Biological Sex
Savas is known to be quite a charmer and has had multiple relations with both male and female individuals. According to those who know him well he does not like to put a label on his sexuality. He currently has a long relationship with Janos Dorivas
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium Charcoal
2 Brothers




  The career of Savas only really took off when he spent time in the Pavan Empire. This nation had already started industrialising several years earlier and Savas was immediately intrigued. He learned as much as he could in the time he spent there. He was especially intresting in the machines used to make cloth, given his background as a clothing trader.  


  When he returned to Terios he took what he learned with him and convinced his father to invest in building a factory. His father agreed and gave him leadership over this new endeavour.   The first factory in Terios was a big succes and the wealth of the Keleris family increased rapidly. Savas company therefore marked the true start of the industrial era in Terios.

Textile Machines by Wikimedia Commons

Alliance-Covenant War

  In 1237 AE disaster struck when the Alliance-Covenant War broke out. Profits declined and supplying the military become more important. However, the worst was yet to come when the father of Savas went on a trip to Savi.   No one had forseen that the Convenant army had left important targets behind in order to go straight to Terios. They stopped at Savi where they sacked the cities killing the vast majority of the population in the process. Also the father of Savas was killed during this event, leaving him in control of the company.
Steam Locomotive by Immigration railroad west, Harvard University

After the War

  Once the war ended the company recovered fully and was even able to increase in size. Savas and his brothers saw a new business opportunity as well. The war made it all the more clear that a quick and efficient supply line would be crucial in case a new war broke out. They therefore decided to start the construction of a railroad going from Golandon to the western border. The youngest Keleris brother received control over this new endeavour.   Since Savas Keleris became more involved in politics he started to give more responsibilty of the main company to his other brother.

New Developments

  Savas was always interested in engineering and technology. Knowing of the almost mythological Underground Gnome Empire, which was believed to be very advanced, it was only a matter of time before he would finance an expedition. During this expedition something was found which he did not expect, Yamaderis.   The expedition found him in a pod which apparently put him into some kind of sleep for a very long time. After being gone for many centuries, the world had changed a lot for Yamaderis. Yamaderis was quite knowledgeable and could teach the current world a lot. For this reason Savas eventually made him the head of technological development for his company.   Yamaderis already created some advanced Prosthetics while in his new function. Only time will tell what other stuff he will come up with.  
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