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Janos Dorivas

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Janos is not very strong but extremely nimble and agile.

Facial Features

Has had a goatee since he was 20.

Apparel & Accessories

Likes to wear nice clothes but he ensures that they are always pratical as well in case he gets into a sudden fight.

Specialized Equipment

Janos is trained in both finesse combat and bardic skills. He is specialized in combining these two and is able to cast magic from his trusted rapier. He mainly uses his magic to get to the bottom of things, to trick his enemies or to remain unnoticed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Janos Dorivas actually started from humble beginnings. He was born in Golandon in the Psigest district, the poorest district within the city walls. From a young age he had knack for winning fights not by brute force but by cleverness and agility. Since he was also very fond of singing he could often be found in the Psigest bars performing all kinds of ballads. Eventually he was noticed by a member of the Bard College in Golandon who told him that they would happily accept him if he decided to go there. Janos took him up on that offer and joined the Bard college.   He studied there for 3 years and once he was done he tried the bardic trade for a year. After this time however he grew bored and wanted to return to the thrill he got from fighting in the years before the college. In the Psigest district he started doing some ring fights where he combined his combat skills with his bardic abilities. This went so well that nobody was actually a challenge for him anymore after several months. It was at this time that he decided to join the arena fights. Arena fights in Terios were mostly shows with no high chance at death besides for the monsters that were the opponents.    It was a huge succes for Janos. He managed to remain undefeated in fights against humans and other creatures. He became the most known fighter in the arena in decades. Nobody was able to compete against his magic and acrobatic abilities. However all good things must come to an end. In 1236 AE a new law was passed that abolished the arena fights and Janos needed to improvise to find something new. He gathered together with several of his companions of the arena and founded his own mercenary company called the Sapphire Company. His new company took part of the former Arena as headquarters and soon became quite the success due to the fame from his arena years. If a job has need for well trained adventurers the Sapphire Company is often the first place where Terios citizens go to. Janos is always on the lookout for potential members.    


  Unknown to general population Janos Dorivas has been an active member of the secret service of Terios for nearly 7 years. The members of the Sapphire Company report any information they learn during their jobs which Janos passes on to the authority of Terios.


Janos Dorivas is know to be interested in men but in the past he kept his relationships private. Currently he is in a public relationship with entrepreneur Savas Keleris, the owner of several factories in Golandon.
Date of Birth
21st Ankyri'el 1208 AE
Terios, Golandon
Current Residence
Terios, Golandon, Golandon Arena
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Other Affiliations
Related Reports

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