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Why I have prosthetics? Well let's just say that a scientist like me is bound to cause sudden explosive reactions at some point. Luckily for me it was not hard to get a replacement for my arm in the civilization I came from.   Oh you want to know about my legs as well? Ah well that is just my choice. Do you not know how slow Gnomes are normally? I can't waste time on the imperfections of nature.
— Yamaderis
  People who have lost a limb have used all kinds of devices to help them cope. None have been so efficient as the recently created prosthetics. They are not only meant to look like metalic versions of the lost limb, they are actually able to be moved by the mind of the user just like a normal limb. To achieve this they need to be powered by a Mindcrystal though.   In addition to being replacements they are actually improvements over their natural counterparts. Prosthetic arms and hands have more strength and prosthetic feet and legs improve the user's speed.  

Rpg Info

Wonderous Item
The prosthetic can be used as a replacement limb for either a hand, arm, foot, leg or an equivalent. It functions better than a normal limb of its kind would do. Attaching or detaching the limb requires a short rest.   For an arm or hand it adds a +1 to attack and damage rolls. For a foot or leg it increases speed by 5 ft. A Mindcrystal is the powersource for this item and needs to be recharged at least every half year.



First types

  Before the current versions of prosthetics there were some precursors. About a 70 years ago the Raitin started experimenting with replacements for limbs. However, these first versions were very crude and existed mainly out of clockwork technology. People using them had to pull small levers or push buttons to make any movements at all. Eventually the movements of hands improved but it remained very inefficient.  

Yamaderis' Improvements

  When Yamaderis was awoken from his cryosleep and brought to the surface he was sad to see that the technology level was significantly lower than during his time. He decided to bring old technologies from before back. One of the first technologies that saw the light of day again were the prosthetics.   They were a vast improvement over the creations of the Raitin. These new prosthetics were able to move exactly like any normal limb would just by using one's mind. People in need of replacment limbs in Terios were quickly convinced, mainly because Yamaderis himself had 3 prosthetics of his own.  
Yamaderis shows prosthetics by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


Bionic Arm by Kefkejaco with heroforge


  The prosthetics that Yamaderis himself has are made form synthetic materials. Because the current technology level of Terios is not able to produce those Yamaderis has settled on steel as the base material for the new prosthetics.  


  The most important component of the prosthetics is the Mindcrystal. This crystal is place in the interior of the limb and becomes linked with the mind of the user. It is able to translate the intentions of the brain into actual movement of the limb in which it is placed. It is able to do this for a very long time but needs to be recharged or replaced every half year.  

Uses for paralysed individuals

  Thanks to the fact that the Mindcrystal is actually the component which creates the movement, no actual nerve connection have to be made. This means that even paralysed individuals are able to use the prosthetics to walk.  

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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One of the smaller articles in response to a summercamp prompt but I think it has all the needed information. If you think I should add more let me know :)

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