Niorath Campaign Timeline Timeline

Campaign Timeline

This timeline gives some of the most important events during the campaign of our adventurers.

  • 1245 AE

    9 Irami'el

    Start of the campaign
    Gathering / Conference

    Our adventurers start their journey together after defeating a kobold attack while sailing on the Swordfish Blade.

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  • 1245 AE

    13 Irami'el

    Battle of Averton
    Military action

    On the 13th of Irami'el the kobold army that had been waiting nearby arrived at the town of Averton. After fighting during this long night the adventurers emerged victorious.

  • 1245 AE

    18 Irami'el

    Defeat of Crystal Vipers

    After entering the ruins of the ancient Avaronian city and finding the hidden Eredi temple beneath the adventurers managed to stop the Crystal Vipers. Although some of them escaped through an elemental portal their return was stopped by destroying the portal.

  • 1245 AE

    23 Irami'el

    Death of the Ostend Doppelgangers
    Life, Death

    After a long journey through the ruins of an old Dwarven hold the group found the leader of the local Doppelganger group and killed him.

  • 1245 AE

    4 Raperi'el

    Discovery of the ancient Mining Golem
    Discovery, Scientific

    The ancient mining golem was found in a remote ruin in the underground. This powerful piece of machinery was destroyed and it's remains were taken by the Avaronian Spectres.

  • 1245 AE

    24 Raperi'el

    Massacre at Golandon Palace
    Life, Death

    During Union day of the year 1245 things got very out of hand. The plot of the Avaronian Spectres caused the death of the Pavan prince Niberi'es and the king of Terios.

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