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High Sage Syronikir

What a quote about myself? No don't write that down just start afterwards. No listen stop that now! I agreed to a biography with Sevelis not with his aide who does not know how this works.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Syronikir is an ancient Azure colored Dragon that has held the position of High Sage for 730 years. She has been the steady and trustworthy leader of the Keepers for this period of time.

Personal Life


Early Life

  In general little is known of the early life of Syronikir. It is known that she was born in the Adroon Oasis as one of the many daughters of the ancient Dragon Felashim. As one of many offspring she it is likely that she not stood out right away. Like many Dragons she would only really venture far away from their birthplace.   After reaching young adulthood she would have ventured into the world. She has published a journal from her time while travelling which is a frequently read book, especially among Dragonkind. It tells about each continent and the places of interest and what she encountered there. By now it is, however, very outdated and not to be used as a travel guide.  


  Over her lifetime she has had many different partners with whom she brought many children into the world. But the longevity of Dragon life means that after a while they get bored of one another which causes Dragons to break things off because of lost of interest.  


  As a creature that lived a long time, Syronikir has become wiser and more restrained over the years. She will never get emotions get the better hand of her and is always logical and fair in the way she handles things.   On the other hand she does have a good insight of other people's emotions. She can easily distinguish people's intentions thanks to her being a good judge of character. Many who have tried lying in front of Syronikir were quickly made aware of their futile attempts.   The majority of her time she spends on reading or writing to increase her knowledge even further. The side effect of this is sadly that she, not wrongly actually, believe she knows more than the rest. To some she can come off as a know it all and showoff even though this is not truly here intention. Syronikir is aware of this but can't be bothered to care.

High Sage by Rexard

Additional Information

Date of Birth
214 AE (exact date unknown)
Adroon, Aldhir
Current Residence
Adroon Library
Biological Sex
Prefers male Dragons but is also interested in female Dragons
Azure color
10 brothers (8 dead), 12 sisters (7 dead)

Personal History


High Sage

  Before Felashim died he appointed his daughter, Syronikir, as his successor. The reason he chose her instead of his other children is because he saw Syronikir as the wisest and most educated of his offspring. She followed in his footsteps and would make many new additions to the organisation.   Her first deed was expanding the library of Adroon even further and starting to bundle together the information into compact versions. This eventually culminated into the Encyclopedia Nioratha. A compilation of information that would become available everywhere. These books discussed mainly scientific and arcane topics. Later in life she would also make several books about history with her own personal stories of the events added to it.   After a fire destoryed several books in the Adroon library Syronikir decided to make more copies and spread them far and wide. This led to the creation of many libraries and eventually the Keepers Universities grew out of it.  

Adroon Library Base Map Image
Chaos Crystal by Guild Wars 2, Dragonfall art


  Syronikir is very knowledgable about the arcane and history. As she is very interested in ancient histories she knows quite a lot about the various cataclysmic events that created Chaos areas such as the Silent Forest. Many of these were caused by Chaos Crystals and the magic that comes forth from it. Many unnatural creations and Chaos Tempests were the result of such uses.   Due to all this knowledge she is extremely against the use of this type of magic and tries to gather and destroy all information related to it. This has led her to actually have been at odds with quite a good amount of opportunistic and powerful mages. In the end she persevered and made it so that now every country has officially banned its uses.


  Many countries around the world try to find as much ancient Asmer technology as they can. They hope to get an upper hand against their opponent this way. The Keepers and Syronikir aim to keep a balance and often send expeditions to find the technologies before nations do.   In Syronikir's opinion it is best to first examine what the impact of these advanced artifacts could be before making them available to everyone. This is not something that everyone is happy about but no one tries to openly do something about it.  
Asmer God by Endless Space, Amplitude Studios

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