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The Keepers

The Keepers have been around since shortly before the fall of the Avaronian Empire. Their main seat of operation is the large library of Adroon in Aldhir. Originally the organization was founded by Dragonborn who dedicated themselves to keeping records of historical events, religions and sciences safe from harm. The library of Adroon is located partially inside the mountain against which it is build and has endured for more than a millennium although some records were lost in a fire.   After that event the keepers decided to expand their operations around Farlis and opened several libraries with copies from the great library in Adroon. Although Keeper libraries such as in Golandon have a large amount of books they often do not contain all the knowledge that the great library of Adroon has. There is a saying: if it exists, there is a book of it in Adroon, a saying that somewhat lost it’s meaning after the fire incident. Keepers can be found in all capitals or large cities and the cost of their service is low thanks to generous donations from various countries.


The Keepers are divided into many parts. The universities are typically run by a rector which is often chosen from professors in the university. Each professor needs to have attended a Keepers Univeristy to get that position. Besides the universities and libraries there are other departments of the Keepers most of these are related to field studies or expeditions. The leader of one these departments is called the chancellor and also often has a position in the Aldhir government. The chancellors are always of higher ranking than the rectors. The leader of the Keepers organisation however is an ancient azure dragon named Syronikir which has been the head of the organisation for about 730 years.


The keepers maintain many universities and libraries on the Farlis continent. Much of the money to maintain these comes from tuition fees but also from subsidies from governments that want the libraries and universities and their knowledge in their countries.

Knowledge eternally preserved

Founding Date
243 BF
Educational, Scientific Institute
Notable Members

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