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Away from Golandon Report

General Summary

The Manticore

27th of Raperi'el
  After their battle with the strange creatures the group explores the rest of the base. Eventually the stumble upon the personal notes of Nikolaos. Thanks to Finrod who can read Avaronian they are able to find out what can be found within them.   It appeared that Nikolaos was the local leader of the Avaronian Spectres and actually a Lesser Asmer. He had been around since 1011 AE and had been helping other like him with setting up the Avaronian Spectres to manipulate events around the world. It appeared that they were even responsible for the recent war between Humans and Elves.   From the notes they found three interesting locations to investigate further. They read that at Savi a supposed was the supposed final site for a large crystal that was important for the return of Mackevor before it was being moved to the ruins of Bagor. However they also found out that it was originally located in a recently discorvered ruin near Old Asmeth, in Eprus. The last location they found out about was the supposed Asmer ruins in the middle of the Volker desert that was of great interest to the Spectres.   Additionally they found out that there were still many other branches of the Spectres divided over several countries.  

Leaving the city

28th of Raperi'el
  After some good night's sleep the group decided to go over things with Janos Dorivas. He did find out the general location of the ruins in the desert as he had a spy on the expedition that went there. He did not hear anything from him after a while though. Soon it became clear that Nimbl was very worried about what she saw in her vision and she convinced the others that they should travel to the Nekorian capital, Tsugeti. The problem was, however, that it was at the other side of the world. Janos came with a possible solution as his network had picked up rumors that a Raitin airship was present at the Melon ruins.   And so the course for the group was decided. They would travel to the Melon ruins to get the ship and fly to the Mizarin jungle. Janos tolt the group that while they were away he would try to find allies against a possible assault from Mackevor from the north. Until now it seemed like not much had changed. It appeared that the fact that not both sons of the Pavan Emperor died hindered the plans of Mackevor somewhat, buying everyone precious time.   The fastest way to travel to the ruins was to use the new train between Golandon and Varos so they chose to use that for the first part of their journey. While travelling they were, however, attacked by several Spectres on wyverns. The group won but not without impaling one of the wyverns on a tree they passed by. Later on they found out it was called Bubbles, leaving the captured Spectre in tears for his lost companion. They could not get much out of him before suddenly his mind was taken over by someone else. Through the captured spectre The Wyvern, another leader of the spectres, spoke to them that he will not rest until they are gone. According to him all attempt to change the coming storm would be futile.   Several hours after the fight they finally arrived in Varos.
The Heretic's Sword
Finrod Ingoldo
Vittoria Bendetti
Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
12 Dec 2020

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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