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Gnome God Report

General Summary


1st of Halari'el
  It did not take long for the rest of the group to join Dimble and Aiden in the ruins to hear what Tanajin had to say. He told them about the story how he got in his current location. After the God War he was left behind and remained first in Oneraga but eventually decided to travel to Farlis to find more of his kind. He was joined by many other Gnomes and eventually the settled along the eastern coast of Farlis. It however did not take long before the Selefer went to war with them. It was a fierce war with many casualties on both sides but things looked good for the Gnomes as Tanajin had his Divine Golem.   However, during a final battle with the Selefer they used vile Chaos Magic. In the blast that ensued Tanajin perished. His backup resurrection process did not go as planned and Tanajin has remained stuck here ever since. The remaining Gnomes retreated into the Lower Realms. It was not until the Goblins found him and started to honour him as a God that he finally had some social contact again.   The Goblins, however, have thus far never been able to really help him. He had sent them out on expeditions but none of them returned. To finally be able to get out of this tank he would either need an Prime Asmer suit or a decent Power Source to get him out of the tank. He asked them to help him as he knew of possible Asmer locations where the powersources could be but he had no means to get there himself. He showed a world map on which several locations were marked. There were quite a few on Farlis, the ruins of Bagor, the Visar volcanoes, in the Volker desert, and the crater near Infor. Apart from that he also knew of possible locations in Avak'am, Oneraga. Among them was the location of the Nekorian capital. The group decided to help and determined to go the the Nekorian capital as Nimble wanted this.
The Heretic's Sword
Finrod Ingoldo
Vittoria Bendetti
Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
15 May 2021

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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