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Median is a language that is mostly spoken in Terios and Eprus. It is derived from Avaronian but also has Varenan influences. Most Median speaking people can at least understand Avaronian if it is spoken but can't read it. This is because it is written in Elvish script instead of Human script. On the continent Farlis, Median is the most common language among humans and every country there teaches it in schools.  

Difficulty to learn other languages

  • Avaronian: archaic but easy to learn, uses Elvish script
  • Farlian Elvish: medium difficulty, uses Elvish script
  • Varenan: easy difficulty, uses Human script
  • Pavan: advanced difficulty, uses Human script
No close relation
  • Arek: high difficulty, uses Pavan script
  • Saver (Elvish): advanced difficulty, uses Saver script
  • Arendian (Dwarfish): high difficulty, uses Arendian script

Writing System

In median the vowels are : a, i , u ,e ,o Combining these vowels is done in the following cases:

  • -ai- (ai̯)
  • -oi- (oi̯)
  • -eu- (eu̯)
  • -oa-
  • -iai- (aːi̯)
Vowels can be made long by placing the letter I in front of it:
  • -ia- (ɑ:)
  • -io- (o)
  • -iu- (y:)
  • -ie- (e:)
  • -ii- (iː)
Words often do not end with multiple consonants. If this is the case then the word is most likely originally derived from another word.



In Median the plural depends on how to word ends.
  • -ai : in this case the plural is the same as the singular
  • -is: the plural becomes -isi
  • -as: the plural becomes -ana
  • -a: the plural becomes -ae (pronounced 'aɪ)
  • -on: the plural becomes -ono
  • -i: the plural becomes -ini


  In Median verbs always tend to end in -oi. Examples:
  • Ostoi: to trade
  • Epinoi: to farm
This form is the present/ future form of the verb and can be used regardless of the subject.


  • An : One, First
  • Chis: Two, Second
  • Gannon: Three, third
  • Fenai: Four , fourth
  • Anis: Five, fifth
  • Enoi: Six, sixth
  • Manas: Seven , seventh
  • Ronon: Eight, eight
  • Gonai: Nine, ninth
  • Fi: Ten , tenth
  • Ches: Hunderd


Vowels: ɑ ɑ: ɛ e e: i iː ɔ o u u: y y: ai eu oi ɛi   Consonants: c k x j ɣ g ɟ p f v b t θ h d ð l ʎ m n ŋ r s z


There are a few tenses in Median:  
  • Present/ Future Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Negative Present/ Future Tense
  • Negative Past Tense
  • Command Tense
  • Passive Tense
  • Potential Form: can + verb

Sentence Structure

The sentence structure in Median is the same as in Avaronian. Typically the sentence starts with the verb followed by the subject. The object of the sentence can be found after the subject followed by any additional information.     Verb + Subject + Object + Additional Information


54 Words.
Root Languages
Common Phrases
  • Gavoseri koseu tera: Good day my friend
It is important to add my friend at the end since it is otherwise considered a bit rude since it sounds like a command to the average native speaker. In somme dialects this is however not the case.



Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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I like how you've covered the basics here for a conlanger or anyone keenly interested in languages, making use of IPA and including important aspects, like plurals and tenses.   Does a dictionary exist for Median? I can understand not including it until after WorldEmber, because a dictionary can eat up a lot of word count.   Good read!

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