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Mind Magic

  What started as innocent looking illusions eventually evolved in one of the most feared kinds of magic. Mind magic is not powerful looking or obvious as elemental magic but it does need to be feared any less. It can disguise people or bend them to the caster's will. It is rightfully severely limited within a most citywalls.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Mind magic has been around for quite some time but had a slow development. It started as a magic mainly used for illusion but eventually developed in a powerful tool for mind control and dealing damage to one's psyche.  



Ancient Time

  Mind magic proved quite difficult to master for many centuries. Small effects were not to hard do achieve by creative individuals such as minor illusions. However trying make a convincing illusion of a person or terrain required a well trained mind. It was therefore not deemed the most useful type of magic in its early history. The Humans and Gnomes, among whom the magic was more prevalent, did like the effects that it brought but more from an entertainment perspective.  

Isshan Empire

  The real changes for mind magic came from the ancient Isshan Empire which was located in southern Onerega. The Gnomes of that empire found ways to effectively concentrate their minds. These techniques allowed more advanced abilities to present itself. Not soon after there were the first mentions of mind casters being able to read minds, comprehend unknown languages and even telepathy. The illusions themselves became bigger and more convincing. On the offensive side the mind casters were even able to deal psychic damage to one's brain.   Alas due to some unknown reason the entire Isshan Empire collapsed almost overnight. Their core regions were devestated by Chaos Corruption and survivors fled in all directions. This caused a wave of Gnome migrations across the world. Eventually most of them settled in regions with some amount of mind crystals present. Their common origin gave rise to some overlapping organisations such as the Sanctuaries of the Mind. In these sancturies they still teach some of the ancient knowledge of the Isshan Empire.   Most knowledge of mind magic found its way to society eventually but it is still a common believe that knowledge of the most advanced mind magic is still somewhere to be found in the ruins of the former empire.  

Mind Falls

  Mind Magic can either be gained at birth or by the use of Mind Falls. The majority of casters born with mind magic abilities are Gnomes but Humans are also quite likely to have the ability. For the other to be able to use magic the mind falls are a necessity.   Most commonly they are found in southern Oneraga and Pavanor but Eastern Farlis also has a substantial amount of these Falls. Nobody knows exactly why but most of them tend to be found in warmer grassland biomes.  
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  Creating illusions was among the first uses that was discovered for mind magic. During those early days they were still quite small and simple but they could still be useful. Illusions were mainly taken up by entertainers during this time in order to enhance their performances.   Later on when the illusions could be made more powerful it gave rise to additional uses. As the illusion could be used to create duplicates and perfect disguises they became important tools for all kinds of espionage.    

Mind Manipulation

  As the name of the magic suggests it also has quite a few uses in relation to the minds of intended targets. Among the most important uses are the ability to see into ones mind and read their thoughts. But limited telepathy is also among the abilities of many mind casters.   In addition to these uses the mind casters are able to modify the behaviour and properties of the mind of their targets. This can be beneficial such as giving a target the temporary ability but it can just as easily be used for more nefarious purposes. Mind control is an ability of several mind casters. Governments around the world have introduced defensive measures against such magic, often in the form of anti magic fields.  

Telekinesis and environment manipulation

  Mind casters with good concentration abilities can even go beyond the usual limitations and use their magic to manipulate the environment around them. In this case the power of their mind actually becomes an additional hand that can be used over longer distances. This can be used for telekinesis but also for more delicate procedures such as opening locks. Advanced casters are even able to animate many objects at the same time.  


  As mind casters can influence the mind they can just as easily try to hurt it. These methods were among the later to be discovered but have proven very powerful. Mind casters can use it to deal psychic damage over longer distances. Many of these skill create insanity inducing thoughts or horrors in the mind of their targets. Others spells are more like very severe headaches.  

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Limited by Law

  As the uses of mind magic can be very subtle but still powerfull the various governments have put protections in place. In most cities it is compeletly forbidden to use mind control of any form. Disguises and illusions get a similar treatment but they are however still allowed in the entertainment industry.   To enforce these rules many important places, such as seats of government or high end establishments, have anti magic fields in place. These effectively eliminate any prior mind control or disguise upon entry. Some elite guards can be equipped with amulets to see through illusions. But as these are expensive it is not a very common practice.  

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Interesting and scary type of magic. Is it possible for the brain to recover from such an attack?

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