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The influence of the Eler people on many Human cultures is not to be underestimated. As they spread so far and wide their customs such as Moontide have become commonplace in many Human communities. How far would they have come were it not for the Avaronians.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The Eler were the people living on the Elervir Isles during the ancient era. Although their origin is a bit unclear the current theory is that they migrated from eastern Farlis. They were most likely driven from these lands by the Farlian Gnomes.   Eventually they formed various city states on these islands which often fought against eachother to gain power. Later in their history they created various colonies which is why their culture spread to many other locations. They are therefor the precursor culture to many modern cultures such as Elerviran, Median, Noran and the Dagikan sub cultures.   When the Eler came under Avaronian rule their culture changed to a more hybrid culture which is now known as the Elervir culture.  

Extra Information

The Eler people most lived around the Elervir Isles but also expanded to Pavanor and Farlis.
The origin is unclear but many theories suggest that the Eler migrated from western Farlis to the Elervir Isles.
Ruled by
The Eler City States
Known For
Great sailors, trade of various goods
Derived cultures
Elerviran, Dagikan, Noran, Median, Andag, Belmidan, Malake, Nanko, Evilyan, Sava




  Although records of this time period are scarce the current theory is that the Eler people migrated from the eastern coast of Farlis. The reasoning behind this theory is that the ancient Human language of the Elervir Isles was similar to that from the Humans living in eastern Farlis. However, at some point they were most likely driven from these lands by the Farlian Gnomes.   When they settled the Elervir Isles the Eler people were divided in many clans spread out over the various islands and a small part of Pavanor. Each of these clans were vying for more power which led to frequent wars.  

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by kefkejaco with Inkarnate

Eler States

  Eventually the population of the Eler grew and cities became the dominating powers in the region. Smaller scale conflicts on islands largly subsided and the governments became more centralised. The most important of these city states were Anderia and Deska who each took control over large amounts of territory and often clashed with eachother.   Shortly before the start of the Avaronian Era the Eler States expanded and found many new city states further east. They founded new cities along the Kisari Basin and the Andagian Sea. For the Eler states this was the most prosperous time and trade flourished among the various cities.  


  Eventually some of the Eler colonies became so poweful that they became new nations in their own right. The most famous of this time period were Dagaki and the Nora States. Their culture diverted somewhat but certain aspects still remained such as the Hadenian religion and traditions.   When the Avaronian Empire conquered the Elervir Isles many of the Eler people fled towards New Eler (current Evilyea), the Emas desert and the former colonies of Dagika and the Nora States.   As the Avaronians did not stop their conquest the only region that remained untouched was part of Dagika. This is why many consider the Dagikan culture, and its subcultures such as Andag, the true successors of the Eler people.   The current culture of the Elervir Isles is a hybrid between the old Eler culture and the Avaronian culture. It is very similar to the Median culture of Farlis and shares a similar language and architecture. Many rituals and beliefs of the Hadenian religion are however common among all of the Eler successors.
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  The religion of the Eler people was similar to the current practices of the Hadenian religion. There are, however, most likely some differences as many Human regions where the Eler people resided had been under Avaronian control for quite some time. Once these regions were free the religion was practiced once again and important celebration, such as Moontide, were resumed once more.   The main gods of the Hadenian pantheon are Arisia and Atmisan. They are though to each live on one of the moons of Niorath: Atmisan on Aziel and Arisia on Naelik. Atmisian acts as the god of the sea and is therefore one of the most important gods to the seafaring Eler people. Arisia is seen as the mother goddess and is responsible for nature. Both were of equal importance to the Eler but this view has shifted somewhat in the successor cultures.  

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  The Eler were a maritime society and were known to be great sailors who could easily travel between the continents of Farlis and Pavanor. Warfare between the various island of the Elervir Isles was common but for most of their history the Eler people focused on trade. Any wars that were fought were to increase economic power in the first place.   Their maritime skills allowed the Eler people to expand further than the Elervir Isles into Pavanor and the northern Mizarin region. This made them perhaps the most influential and prosperous of the Humans during the ancient era.  


  It is difficult to determine how the Eler interacted with eacother since this was never really well documented. But some assumptions can be made from how their descendants act.   In general the Eler people are believed to have been friendly and outgoing people who liked to socialise on the market squares of a city. Going by historical records most of the political sphere was controlled by men but some sources mention powerful female figures as well. Due to this limited information it is difficult to determine how equal men and women were during this time. It is, however, assumed that the society was less equal than it is today.  




  Art was an important aspect of life to the Eler people and many of their works are still around to this day. Most drawnings of the Eler can be found in the form of murals on the walls of ancient temples. The common theme of these murals was the sea with dolphins and swordfish being the most common ones.   This style of art was not used during the Avaronian occupation but has seen a resurgence in the last centuries in both the Elervir Isles and Terios.  


  Architecture among the Eler was quite different from the style that is used today on the Elervir Isles. In many cities the use of mudbrick and wood was the most common. Eventually more sturdy stone materials were being used for important buildings such as temples.   Decorations in temples often resembled wave patterns which was even used in the heavily decorated columns. The basic structure of a building was often very rigid but heavily painted with various murals which gave the buildings a colourful look.

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