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Flower of Sorrow

The pink Etherika lake is a magnificent sight to behold all year round but it is best to visit it during Moontide. You will not only take in the sights but see the numerous celebrations first hand such as the carrying of the wooden dolphins to the sea.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The Flower of Sorrow is a myth in the Hadenian mythology about the nature goddess Arisia. It is very closely related to the myth of Moontide which is an event that is celebrated in the Elervir Isles and Terios. According to mythology the god Atmisan and the goddess Arisia conceived twins who they brought with them on their travels between the moons.   Alas they fell down when a strong wind blew them out of Arisia's arms. They supposedly landed in Lake Ehterika on Omaleri Island but not before Arisia changed them into the first dolphins to avoid them drowning. The Flower of Sorrow itself is related to this very lake and is said to give it its pink colour.  

The Myth

When the winds were strong on this tragic Moontide night, Arisia, our mother goddess, lost her grip. As the twins fell down her dispair grew as she saw where they would land. The twins fell in a lake and were too small to swim. Arisia, who did not want the children to drown, used her magic and made them into creatures of water. With their long bodies, with their fins, with their pink colour they became the first of the dolphins.   Years went by and Arisia returned to her children with every Moontide, when both of the moons showed their full light. Here she felt the sorrow of her children and could not remain without action. With her magic of nature she filled the edges of the lake with bright pink flowers, the flowers of hers and her children's sorrow.    
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  More years went by and the bright and magical landscape had not eased their sorrow. Arisia knew they needed more and decided to move them to the oceans of the world. Here her children flourished and spread across the seas.   Every Moontide since Arisia return to the very lake where her children fell. To honour them she places one of the Flowers of Sorrow on the lake where it becomes one with the water. Today, after many Moontides, the lake has taken the very same pink colour. It is a miracle from Arisia and we travel to that very lake to ease her sorrow.   Some of her children have lost their pink colour over the many centuries. But if you see a pink dolphin, know that it is blessed as it has not lost its connection to the lake of its ancestors.  



The pink lake of the myth is believed to be Lake Etherika on Omaleri Island. It has the same pink colour as described in the myth. Across history many pelgrims travelled to the lake to pay their respects to Arisia and left offerings to ease her sorrow.   Eventually a large temple complex was created for Arisia near the lake where all of the offerings are placed today. One of the most iconic landmarks in the temple complex is the large bronze statue of Arisia which was donated by Navarlia Island.   Several festivals take place in the temple with the Moontide being the most important one. During these celebrations two large wooden dolphins are carried from the temple to the sea. This event is unique to the island and is called The Dolphin Trek.
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