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Avaronian Empire

Many ancient civilizations existed prior to the Avaronians but none have been as influential to the current world. Their knowledge of elemental magic allowed them to form the Avaronian Empire which held control over vast areas of land on two continents. Even after more than thousand years since their fall, their influence is still felt around the world.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The Avaronian Empire was a gigantic nation led mostly by High Elf magi. Life within it was quite good for Elves and for some Half-Elves. However, it was miserable for the other races who were frequently used as slaves.

According to Elven myths it was the great Elven hero Mackevor that founded this nation. After the Elves solidified their position in north-eastern Farlis Mackevor is believed to have conquered large areas of the continent until his eventual death during the final battle with the Selefer.   The event marked the start of the Avaronian Era during which the Avaronians became the undisputed world leaders. However, over time the corruption grew and many barbaric practices were introduced such as sacrifices and slavery. It took many centuries but in the end the Avaronian Empire ended with a cataclysmic blast in its capital, Bagor.   Despite that they remain the longest living nation known to history as they ruled undisputed from 1993 BF until their eventual end in 0 AF. The most commonly known date notation is derived from the year they were defeated. Every year after the year when the battle of Bagor took place is referred to as AE (After Empire). Everything before that is BF (Before Fall).  

Extra Information

The Avaronians were mainly located on the continent of Farlis but controlled vast amounts of land in Pavanor as well.
The migrated Elves that settled in the current Carthen region were the ancestors of the Avaronians.
Bagor Area by Kefkejaco with inkarnate
Ruled by
For several centuries the Avaronian Empire is believed to have been ruled by Mackevor himself. After his death the ruling positions was taken over by powerful Magi.


The full history of the Avaronian Empire can be easily viewed in the Global History from the year 2871 BF to 0 AE.



Elven Migrations

  Due to a still unknown event the original Elves living in central Farlis were forced to move. In the end this would result in several different species of Elves as they spread in all directions and even underground in the case of the Dark Elves. The ancestors of the Avaronians are believed to have travelled east and eventually settled in the region that is currently known as Carthen. According to the Elven myths it was the hero Mackevor who led them there but scientist have found no credible sources to verify this. These Elves would eventually become the High Elves.   The name Avaronian itself is derived from the words 'Avar' which means Elf and 'Onnon' which means three. This name is likely a reference to the three journeys that the Avaronian Elves took before settling in their main region.  
Migration of the Elves
  Defeat of the Selefer


  It is believed that eventually the great hero and general Mackevor started the expansion of the Empire aided by his magical weapon Glaverion The main enemy during the early conquests of the Avaronians were the Selefer, a snake like race who had been terrorising south and central Farlis since their victory over the Gnomes and Dragonborn. Their first losses were in eastern Farlis and unexpected as the Selefer underestimated the magical prowess of the Elves. After these events they fortified their positions in the south which became the start of centuries of war.   In the year 1993 BF, however, the Avaronian armies managed to advance towards the Selefer capital, near the current Volker Desert. The final battle is thought to have taken place at the current Visar Volcanoes which according to the myth were only created after the battle. It is said that this event was caused Chaos Magic performed by the Selefer as a last resort to ensure victory. However, this did not go as intended as the result was the annihilation of both armies. This is also were Mackevor is believed to have died although there are no sources confirming if he even was alive up until that point.  


Bagor, Avaronian capital by Kefkejaco with Midjourney


  At the start of the Avaronians civil war broke out. This eventually led to several provinces breaking off from the Empire. It would take several centuries before reunification wars restored the Empire to its original size. After these conquest the Empire started focussed on developing their lands. Many new cities were built and existing cities grew in size. The capital, Bagor, became a true metropolis during this period of time.   Although not common during the life of Mackevor himself, the religion that worshipped him, Mackevism, grew in importance. Priests of Mackevism managed to claim important positions in the government. The regular Elves gods were still worshipped by many but the elite started to favour Mackevism. With its rise came a renewed urge to follow Mackevor's example and expand Elven rule.   The Avaronian Empire started to expand westwards claiming ever more territories that were being held by other Elves. The conquered people were mainly Wood Elves who fled further west in increasing numbers. Around the year 1390 BF, however, the Avaronian advancements came to a halt as the western Elven nations united against them. There were several wars in an attempt to take control over the Baidan Jungle or the western mountain ranges but in the western border of the Avaronian Empire was set at the Infor Crater.  


  Around 985 BF the Avaronian Empire set out a fleet towards Pavenor for the first time. They first landed in the Elervir Isles and conquered them after the second war with them. Only a few years later they already landed on the mainland of Pavenor. The Humans that lived in these parts were much easier to conquer than the Elves of Dwarves in Farlis as they were the least advanced and had the smallest magic using population.   The first city of the Avaronians in Pavanor was Avinor which was located in current Evilyea. The city would soon grow out to be the most important in the region for the Empire. The spot itself is believed to have been chosen due to the large presence of Falls. Over the centuries that followed the Avaronians expanded further north and east and eventually stopped near the Afaliem river. The regions beyond that were more rugged and only populated by small Human clans which made them less interesting to the Avaronians.    
  Avaronians start expedition to Pavenor



Pavan Independence

  In the centuries before the start of the wars there already had been several rebellions but none of them were a great succes. However, the Avaronian Empire was already in decline just due to the difficulties of managing its enormous size. The final push towards this was the outbreak of the Dragon Scourge. With many of the Dragons going feral as a result of the disease the Avaronians were forced to spend an enormous amount of resources and troops on trying to kill Dragons before they could completely destroy their core provinces.   This proved to be the perfect opportunity for the prophet Archon to start his rebellion against the Avaronians. The result would be a series of wars which later would become known as the Pavan Independence Wars. They ran from 337 BF to 223 BF and would eventually cause the Avaronians to give up most of their colonies in Pavanor. Only the provinces of the Elervir Isles and the current Evilyea would remain under their control. This would, however, only last until 153 BF when they lost these regions in a war against the Archon Alliance.

Fall of the Avaronian Empire by Kefkejaco with Midjourney

The Fall

  The fall of the Empire was not fast but it was impossible to prevent. When the Pavan armies landed on Farlis in 116 BF a series of wars was set in motion that would be the downfall of the Avaronians. The border was pushed further north with each war but the Handerlith wall and the Doromir mountains proved good defences for its core provinces. Eventually however an alliance of Humans and Dwarves managed to break through.   The final battle of the Pavan-Avaronian War was the siege of Bagor. The Avaronians were unable to hold of the attackers and performed a gruesome ritual in an attempt to stop the invaders. Just like the Selefer it is likely that they used some form of Chaos magic. Hunderds of slaves were sacrificed but to no avail since the ritual failed and had an even worse result. A gigantic surge of energy was released killing everyone in the city of Bagor and around it. With their capital and leadership gone the Avaronian Empire came to an end.   The remaining territories surrendered to the Pavan Alliance and the practice of Mackevism was banned. Any remaining clergy of the religion fled to other regions, mostly Avak'am. The lands around Bagor are still a wasteland to this day as a result of the magic that was used. The region itself remained unstable for several years due to Chaos Tempests.




  The Avaronian Empire influenced many areas of the world. What is most noticeable today is the many languages that originated from Avaronian. Not only did many Elven languages from central Farlis originate from it but also most Human languages. Due to the long reign of the Empire over the areas of Terios and Eprus, the Median from there is a very close descendant. On top of that the language is still used today as the scientific language.  


  The Avaronians had a very advanced architecture given their technology level. This is mainly due to their magical knowledge which allowed them to built far more magnificent structure than what would normally be possible. The best example of this is perhaps the Skypeak in Bagor. This structure's height has never been achieved ever since.   In many buildings the Avaronians opted for a style that imitated nature, such as support column resembling trees. Many architectural styles today are still based on the original Avaronian style such as can be seen in the Rigertis in Golandon.  


The success of the Avaronian Empire is inseperable from the hero Mackevor. The worship of him was very common within the Empire but became corrupted by the end due to the power hungry clergy. There is therefore a difference in view of him by Elves and non-Elves.
Mackevor according to Elves by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


  According to the Elves Mackevor has always been a hero that helped to build their great nations. As a fantastic general he lay the foundations of the civilised world and paved the way for the magical greatness of the Elves. The majority of the Elves still believe that it was only the religion that got corrupted over time when the clergy started to use Chaos magic.
Mackevor by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


  Many Non-Elves and especially the followers of Archonism believe that Mackevor himself had laid the foundations of this corruption. According to them this is due to Glaverion which they call the Heretic's Sword. The vision Mackevor received on how to create his empire were given by an evil god who sought the enslavement of all Non-Elves.


  Magic formed the foundation of the Empire as Elves were far more adapted to magic. In addition to that the Avaronians had a vast supply of Falls in their homeland which allowed them to make armies that were able to use limited magic.  


  Because they were so powerful many Avaronians believed they were the born rulers of the world and other species were inferior to them. Many tasks in the Empire were therefore done by Non-Elf or Half-Elf slaves.

by Rexard

Cover image: Bagor, Avaronian capital by Kefkejaco with Midjourney
  • Unknown Date
    Migration of the Elves
    Population Migration / Travel

    Due to an unkown event the original Elves living in central Farlis were forced to move. This would cause different species of Elves to be created. The Elves that moved underground would become the Dark Elves The Elves that retreated into the forest of central Farlis would become the Wood Elves The Elves that migrated west to the mountains would become the Frost Elves The Elves that migrated east would become the High Elves.   These migrations are believed to have taken place between 3400 BF and 2800 BF.

    Additional timelines
  • 2871 BF

    Founding of Bagor

    After the migrations of High Elves to the north eastern regions of Farlis the Elves founded the city of Bagor. According to the myths it was the Elf Mackevor who guided them there.

    Additional timelines
  • 2757 BF

    2 Suri'el
    2662 BF

    Avaronian Selefer Eastern Wars
    Military action

    This was the first war between the Selefer and the Avaronians.

    Additional timelines
  • 2756 BF

    Battle for Vamena Forest
    Military: Battle

    The first big loss the Selefer suffered was near the current Vamena forest.The defeat of the Selfer resulted in the loss of one of their larger northern cities, Erithasi.

    Additional timelines
  • 2651 BF

    2630 AE

    Disbanding of the underground Dwarf kingdoms

    After many years of attacks the Dwarfs decided to abandon their settlements deeper underground. This ended the easy underground connection routes between their holds and caused them to be isolated. After this the kingdoms quickly fell into seperate clan states.

    Additional timelines
  • 2625 BF

    2574 BF

    Selefer Northern Expansion
    Military action

    Due to the power vacuum to the north the Selefer decided to expand.

    Additional timelines
  • 2541 BF

    2495 BF

    Doromir Wars
    Military action

    The Avaronians decided to stop the Selefer advance to the north together with their Dwarven allies.

    Additional timelines
  • 2489 BF

    Founding of Farmar

    The current capital of the Elven country Mervidel was founded in this year.

    Additional timelines
  • 2472 BF

    Construction of Handerlith Wall
    Construction beginning/end

    To prevent incursions of the Selefer to the north the Avaronians decided to construct the Handerlith Wall.

    Additional timelines
  • 2440 BF

    2359 BF

    Sanderlith Wars
    Military action

    Eventually the Selefer attempted to advance north again and partially succeeded for a time.

    Additional timelines
  • 2328 BF

    Construction of Sanderlith Wall
    Construction beginning/end

    Due to the success of the Handerlith wall a second wall was built more to the west.

    Additional timelines
  • 2280 BF

    2183 BF

    Avaronian southern conquests
    Military action

    During these conquest the Avaronians were able to claim many new territories in the south-east.

    Additional timelines
  • 2070 BF

    Destruction of Sanderlith Wall
    Disaster / Destruction

    According to myth the Selefer used chaos magic to bring down Sanderlith Wall.

    Additional timelines
  • 2070 BF

    2 Suri'el
    1993 BF

    Chaos War
    Military action

    This was the last war between the Selefer and the Avaronians which ended with the Selefer defeat.

    Additional timelines
  • 1993 BF

    34 Monandri'el

    Defeat of the Selefer
    Military action

    The only available written records for this period of time are a limited set of Avaronian origin. Other myths are being told about this event but since none are verifiable they are not taken into official history. According to the Avaronians this date marked the start of their empire as they conquered the last remaining enemy in their way for control over most of Farlis. The battle is thought to have taken place at the current Visar Volcanoes which according to the myth were only created after the battle. The Selefer have not been seen in Niorath since this event.

    Additional timelines
  • 1991 BF

    1925 BF

    First Avaronian Civil War

    With the mythological death of the hero Mackevor came a time of troubles.

    Additional timelines
  • 1876 BF

    1752 BF

    Construction of the Skypeak
    Construction beginning/end

    The Skypeak is believed to have been the largest building in the world.

    Additional timelines
  • 1773 BF

    1684 BF

    First Avaronian Reunification War
    Military action

    After several years of peace the central provinces of the Avaronian Empire decided that it was time to reconquer the astray provinces.

    Additional timelines
  • 1610 BF

    1478 BF

    Second Avaronian Reunification Wars
    Military action

    During these wars the Avaronian Empire would reclaim the southern provinces it lost before.

    Additional timelines
  • 985 BF

    Avaronians start expedition to Pavenor

    In this year the Avaronian Empire set out a fleet towards Pavenor for the first time. They first landed in the Elervir Isles and quickly conquered them. Only a few years later the already set foot on the mainland of Pavenor.

    Additional timelines
  • 973 BF

    Founding of Avinor

    This is the first area of mainland Pavanor that the Avaronian Empire decided to settle. In this spot they founded the city of Avinor.

  • 973 BF

    613 BF

    Colonisation of Pavanor
    Population Migration / Travel

    After the founding of the city of Avinor the era of expansion into Pavanor was officialy started.

    Additional timelines
  • 570 BF

    528 BF

    Second Avaronian Civl War
    Military action

    Due to the Empire losing ever more power to the provinces the power balance shifted which eventually led to a civil war.

    Additional timelines
  • 377 BF

    343 BF

    Dragon Scourge
    Plague / Epidemic

    This plague only affected Dragonborn and Dragons but nonetheless left a big mark on the global population. Before the Dragon Scourge the Dragonborn were the second largest population group.

    Additional timelines
  • 337 BF

    223 BF

    Pavan Independence Wars
    Military action

    Led by the prophet Archon a wave of slave rebellions hit the Pavan colonies.

  • 293 BF

    33 Vuri'el

    Union of the Arendor States

    As the amount of enslaved Dwarves increased in the Avaronian Empire the until then separate clans of northern Farlis decided to unite and free their enslaved kin.

    Additional timelines
  • 274 BF

    190 AE

    Enslavement of Wood Elves
    Population Migration / Travel

    Due to a shortage of slaves the Avaronian Empire started to capture the Wood Elves living in the remote regions of their empire. The shortage was mainly caused by the frequent rebellions in Pavanor that eventually ended with it getting independence. Those that escaped migrated in large numbers to the south-eastern Baidan Jungle where they settled the until then still rather pristine regions.

    Additional timelines
  • 223 BF

    Creation of Archon Alliance
    Diplomatic action

    The creation of an alliance between various nations that gained independence during the Independence Wars with the Avaronian Empire.

  • 186 BF

    153 BF

    First Human-Avaronian War
    Military action

    The first war between Humans and Avaronians after the official creation of the Archon Alliance.

  • 116 BF

    14 Tekori'el

    Landing of Pavan Troops in Farlis
    Military action

    On this day the first Pavan army landed in the south-east of Farlis and created their first outpost. After outsting the Avaronian Empire out of Pavanor they would continue the war from here. This outpost would later become the city Tharsis. The landing would become the start of a long war that would cost a lot of lives.

    Additional timelines
  • 116 BF

    14 Tekori'el
    83 BF

    2 Raperi'el

    Second Human-Avaronian War
    Military action

    The second Human-Avaronian War started with the landing of the Pavan troops in Tharsis and ended with the Dagor treaty.

  • 83 BF

    2 Raperi'el

    Ceasefire of the Dagor
    Diplomatic action

    After many years of fighting between the Archon Alliance and the Avaronian Empire a ceasefire was initiated to bring some peace to the region. The humans were allowed to keep all regions below the Dagor river in exchange for peace.

    Additional timelines
  • 54 BF

    7 Monandri'el

    Gonevar Revolution

    After an increasing mistreatment of Human and Dwarf slaves a rebellion broke out which orginated from Gonevar (current Golandon). According to myths it started when the majority of the Human women were taken to be used for breeding to create more slaves.

    Additional timelines
  • 53 BF

    37 BF

    13 Monandri'el

    Third Human-Avaronian War
    Military action

    After the severe breakdown of the Gonovar Rebellion the Archon Alliance decided to move against the Avaronian Empire once more. This time they were joined by the Arendor States with whom they had forged an alliance.

    Additional timelines
  • 37 BF

    13 Monandri'el

    Battle of the Handerlith Wall
    Military action

    On this day the Archon Alliance tried to attack the southern part of what is now the current Mervidel. Although smaller in number the Avaronians defended the Handerlith wall that blocked the access to

    Additional timelines
  • 25 BF

    1 BF

    12 Raperi'el

    Conquest of Eastern Farlis
    Military action

    Seeing the succes of their northern kin the dwarves living in the underground areas of eastern Farlis decided to join the war against the Avaronians. This was the opportunity the Archon Alliance needed to push further into eastern Farlis and conquer the regions of current Terios.

    Additional timelines
  • 11 BF

    22 Ankyri'el

    Founding of Golandon

    Golandon was founded by the escaped slaves of the Avaronian Empire. At the start it was only a small settlement on the top of the Anchia hill within the remains of an old Avaronian palace. Most of the infrastructure of the old Avaronian city Gonevar was destroyed many years before but the catacombs remained and Golonadon was build upon the ruins.

    Additional timelines
  • 0 BF

    12 Raperi'el

    Siege of Bagor
    Era beginning/end

    The final battle of the Pavan-Avaronian War was the siege of Bagor. It ended with a gigantic surge of energy that killed everyone in the city of Bagor and around. This marked the end of the Avaronian Empire.

    Additional timelines


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