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Cloud Lake

The Cloud Lake is more than just a beautiful site to view a sea of clouds. It is believed to have been the location of the Gods' capital, the source of Magicfall and the final grave of Indovir. And despite all those myths we still don't know more because those who try to uncover it's secrets don't return.
— High Sage Syronikir

  The Cloud Lake is still a place of great mystery but a beautiful sight to behold. The endless sea of clouds would make one almost forget that this was once the source of all magic during Magicfall.
  Along the western side of the crater the city Infor can be found, the capital of Aelerium. They made good use of the abundance of magic and Falls that were buried in the crater's sides. Today it is the richest High Elf city in the world.

Extra Information

The Cloud Lake can be found in central Farlis in the country of Aelerium
It is a gigantic crater which is constantly filled with clouds. Along it's edges several floating islands can be found.
Controlled by
One of the largest amounts of Falls in the world.
Important Landmarks
Infor, floating islands



  The Cloud Lake is thought to have been created during Magicfall around 4100 BF. According to myths it used to be the site of the ancient Prime Asmer capital but this is still impossible to verify. Whether this is true or not the location must have been important during The God War given the havoc that was caused here.
  After Magicfall the location did not pop up in any records until Avaronian times. Some historians belief that many feared setteling near it or that it was perhaps not habitable at the time.The Avaronians constructed the city of Infor near it which actually started as a mining town for Falls. Once the Empire disbanded it became a more important city and would eventually become the capital of the High Elf country of Aelerium.





  Before Magicfall the Gods' capital was located at the Cloud Lake location according to mythology. It was believed to have been the first landing spot for the Divine Vessels. Other cities also became large centers for the Prime Asmer but none became as big as the one here.
  When the God War broke out the capital was for a long time not near any battlefield. Most fights took place in Avak'am and Pavanor. But once the New Order Pact advanced on the capital the situation for Indovir and his followers became dire. With no way to maintain the city Indovir only saw one way to protect the world from the New Order Pact. He made his Divine Vessel fall out of the sky destroying everything in the region. Some believe the remains of both the Divine Vessel and the city are still buried far below the sea of clouds.

Asmer City by Kefkejaco with Assassin's Creed Odyssey



Magicfall by Total War Warhammer II




  The crash of the Divine Vessel caused the cataclysmic event known as Magicfall. Not only did this cause many gods to leave the planet but almost all of the civilizations that existed before ended abruptly. Very little is known about what happened during the first years after the event but it is believed that magic first appeared among random individuals.
  It is believed that the region around the Cloud Lake was impacted the most by magic. It caused many strange and monsterous creatures to appear. But it also is the reason why the Elves who lived closest to it became more prone to become magic users.

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How beautiful! I especially like in the opening where people don’t return from trying to discover more.

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