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Gavoreka Isles

I expected a somewhat nice view with some shining lights. But I was never perpared for the magical atmosphere I saw in those caves.
— Visitor of the Crystal Caves
  The Gavoreka Isles are located in the most western part of the Elervir Isles and are the first group off islands encountered when travelling from Farlis. Despite this they never really gained a position of power due to their rather limited population. Eventually they were taken over by the nearby Anderia Island.   Later in their history they became more important when a large amount of Sea Falls was found there.  
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Extra Information

Western part of the Elervir Isles.
Temperate climate with some forests but not very fertile ground.
Controlled by
Androke Niolem, member of the Elervir Council.
Sea Falls, Sheep
Important Landmarks
Crystal Caves


  The various islands of the Gavoreka group are rather similar but some are more forested than others. The largest of the island group is the location of its largest city Gavoreka after which the islands are named. In general the ground of the islands is not very fertile which makes agriculture on these islands rather limited.  



Crystal Caves

  What the islands are most famous for today are the Crystal Caves. Somewhere during the Middle Era these were discovered on the largest island of the group. The most important part of this discovery was that the caves were filled with various crystals and among them a large amount of Sea Falls was found.   This did not only make the caves an impressive vista but also added great economical value to the islands. Eventually these Sea Falls were also discovered on other smaller islands of the group. Currently the Falls that are mined and sold here are the main source to get them for many Human countries in Farlis and Pavanor. The abundance of these Sea Falls has also given rise to a thriving community of Water Magic casters.  
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Resources and economy



  Since the soil on the islands is not very fertile the inhabitants don't have a large crop output. Many areas of the islands are therefore used for livestock. Among them sheep are the most common and they are used for both meat and wool.  


  The Crystal Caves themselves are currently heavily mined to meet the demand for the Sea Falls. This is used to be quite dangerous but luckily the methods and tools for it have improved over the years.  

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Hey, really enjoying your work here. I'm fascinated by the caves and the falls there. Are there any weird environmental effects caused by the concentration of the falls there?   It also makes me curious for any cultural stuff surrounding them... are their any traditions or myths? Anyone upset by the mining of them?   Great work!

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Thanks! Well there are some effects going on which I think I will add to the article, such as floating drops of water.   As for the cultural impact, will definetely think about that! thanks for the ideas :)

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