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Water Magic

  The most skilled water casters in Niorath are without doubt the Aina Elves. Not only do they have a long history of using this type of magic, they have developed a true mastery over it. Seeing them control a giant iceberg with little effort is quite a sight to behold.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Water magic is not the most commonly used among the Elemental magic types. Nonetheless it still is an important part of some communties such as the Aina Elves. It allows a caster to control water or create ice which can be used to pierce one's enemies. The advanced casters can even use it to merge with the water and travel great distances in the blink of an eye.  



Ancient Time

  Water magic has been used since the early days of the Elven Migrations when the Aina Elves crossed the Everir Mountains. Many among them already had the ability to cast water magic from birth. The discovery of Sea Falls in that area only solidified the use of water magic among the Aina Elves.  


  During the early days of water magic there was already some use of ice abilities. In order to better defend themselves the Aina only improved their skills and over time they managed to master it. They were able to defend their lands with avalanches, severe ice storm and rains of sharp icicles.   But they also used their mastery of ice for beauty as they started to use their magic to create wonderful ice sculptures. Even today the creation of these works of art remains an important part of Aina culture.   In eastern Oneraga water magic was also used to a degree but still less common. As these regions were also a bit warmer the same ice based culture never emerged there.  

To the Sea

  Sadly many of the Aina Elves were driven from their homelands when large amounts of Daski emerged from underground. A large amount of the Aina Elves migrated to the Belidor Isles and beyond where they became a more seafaring society.   With their new needs arose new uses for water magic. As they were frequently travelling on ships the Aina sought ways to improve their speed. Water magic proved to be a great solution for this as it allowed ships to move at great speeds even without wind. The Aina Elves who moved further north to Idravil took things even one step further. They are known to use large icebergs as ships themselves and use these to travel to the northern regions of the other continents. Alas this is often done to raid them.    

Sea Falls

  The largest amount of Sea Falls in the world can be found along the western Isles of Farlis, the Deldirom coast and the Oneragan East coast. But the Sea Falls can also be found in some mountain ranges. Many among the Aina are lucky that they don't need the Sea Falls to cast water magic. This is especially a benefit because in general Sea Falls are quite hard to get as many are found underwater.   Some of them are luckily along the coastlines and can be more easily mined there. Several of the eastern Oneragan nations make quite a profit from selling these to other nations who are not so lucky to have them.  
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Water Control

  Water casters can freely control water and use it as they please. This can either be to redirect the flow of water, lift it up in floating spheres around them or use it to knock back enemies. More advanced casters are even able to create a limited amount of water or drain it out of the ground. In this regard the use of water magic can be a real boon to agriculture.   The Aina Elves found a new use for this after taking to the seas. By controlling the water flow around their ships they are able to increase its speed and even move it without the need for wind. If a water caster has enough control they can use this magic to walk on water.  

Ice and Snow

  For offensive purposes the use of ice is of course the most powerful ability. This can either be by creating sharp icicles or freezing enemies. Those casters living in mountains can even use it to initiate and control avalanches.   But it can also be used for more peaceful things. This is especially common among the Aina Elves where this type of magic is used to create buildings or ice sculptures in cold environments. Some of these sculptures can become truly be beautiful pieces of art but require quite a lot of magic skill to create.  

Child of the sea

  Those who are skilled enough and have access to a Crystal Casting Armor can use water magic to breathe underwater. The most advance water casters can even merge with the water around them and move through it at astounding speed. This allows them to travel great distances in a minimal amount of time as long as they stay in the same body of water.  


  As water casters have a close connection to the Water Realm they are able to perform limited conjuration. This can vary from small water familiars to larger water elementals. Very advanced casters can even conjure a leviathans, which are great sea serpents, and giant turtles.  
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Elemental Combinations

  Elemental magic can sometimes be combined by experienced casters. So far there have only been combinations of two elements at once as it is quite difficult to cast this kind of magic. Water magic is no different in this regard and has been used as a basis to create new effects.  

Water and Air

  By combining air and water casters can create truly powerful storms. They can not only create monsoon like conditions but also severe snow or hail storms. Ice can also be turned in a more powerful weapons by catapulting ice shard at great speeds by using air control.  

Water and Fire

  The combination of fire and water magic allows a caster to create heated water with an ability to burn enemies. Those who are experienced can use it to create hot steam clouds which are difficult to escape.  

Water and Earth

  The combination of water and earth is often used to infuse the ground with water. This can be used to trap enemies as they get stuck when the ground beneath them suddenly turns to deep mud. The magic can also be used to create great mudstreams which destroy everything in their path.  

Water and Death

  A possible but not commonly used combination is water and death magic. By combining these two a caster is essentialy able to extract the water from a living creature. The control over this water can even be used to have some limited control over the actions of the creature.  

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