Crystal Casting Armor

Is it a bird, is it a dragon? No it's a flying wizard!
— reaction of Covenant General during the Storm Battle
  In the world of Niorath the Crystal Casting Armors are among the strangest pieces of clothing one can find. At first sight they look like a well decorated mix of metal armor and cloth. But when they are worn by a magic user their properties can change very noticeably.  


  As the armor can change form depending on the kind of user or her/his actions, the armor's appearance is typically classified into two forms.  

Regular Look

  While not being worn by a magic user or if the magic user chooses, the Casting Armor looks normal although expensive. The most striking feature is perhaps the fact that part of the armor is made from elemental crystals. These are especially prevalent on the shoulderpads and the various decorations in the metal breastplate. The lower part of the armor consists of metal greaves and robes. Often these robes are lined with a thin layer of crystal as well.   Another important aspect of the armor is the elemental crystal which is placed on the forehead of the caster. This allows the caster to use her/his mind to control the various properties of the armor.
Caster Non Cast-portrait (1).png
Regular Form by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


Cloudcrystal armor has a blue color, and emits a cyan light while used for casting. It is the most common type used in Aelerium.        
Embercrystal armor is red in color and emits a fiery crimson light during casting. Since Embercrystals are more common in Mervidel the majority of the armors of this type can be found here.
Seacrystal armor is white in color and it emits the same color during casting. This armor is pretty uncommon because Seacrystals are the rarest of the elemental crystals.  
Tremorcrystal armor is yellow in color and emits a warm yellow light during casting. Most of the Tremorcrystals are found deep underground and the armors are therefore more commonly used by inhabitants of the Lower Realms.

Caster Look

Caster Form by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
  The regular look changes completely when worn by a magic user. If the caster chooses to do so, part of the crystals imbedded in the armor will start emitting light, depending on the type of elemental crystal used.   The armor can have additional properties based on the elemental crystal that is used. Some of these are merely cosmetic. For example, the winds created around a caster using cloudcrystal armor can blow robes and hair. This looks intimidating but serves no real practical use.


Cloudcrystal armor is known for its use for elemental air magic. A strong caster's power is enhanced while using lightning magic. During the casting of a spell the armor can launch lightning bolts at nearby enemies. In addition an advanced caster can use the armor to fly.  
Armor made with Embercrystal uses the power of elemental fire. Casters who wear it are resistant to fire and their fire magic is enhanced. During the casting of a spell the armor can create fiery tendrils that attack nearby enemies.
The Seacrystal armor uses the power of elemental water. While wearing this armor casters are able to breathe under water and their water magic is enhanced. During the casting of a spell the armor can launch sharp ice shards towards enemies.    
Armor made with Tremorcrystal uses the power of elemental earth. Casters wearing this armor are able to climb any rocky surface, even upside down. During the casting of spell the armor allows the caster to create a tremor that knocks nearby enemies down.

Where to find them

  Most of the Crystal Caster Armors can be found in Aelerium. Since it is a region which has all types of Crystals all types of Caster Armors can be found here. The majority here are of the Cloudcrystal kind, especially around the capital city Infor. All of the other armors are created here as well although to a lesser degree.   The Embercrystal Armor however are more common in Mervidel due to the large amount of Embercrystals there. In addition the Elves living there have included the crystals not only in their armor but in their weapons as well.  
Caster Fire-portrait.png
by Kefekjaco with Heroforge
  Although it is not verified, many belief that the vast majority of Tremorcrystal Armors can be found in the Lower Realms. This theory receives some credibility thanks to the discovery of these kinds of armor in ruins there.  
Caster Earth-portrait.png
by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
  The largest amount of Seacrystals are found along the western Isles of Farlis and the Oneragan East coast. It took a long time for the techniques of making the armors to reach these regions. For this reason the amount of Seacrystal armors there is not as high as one would suspect. An additional limit on excavating these crystals is that many are found underwater.  
Caster Water-portrait.png
by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


Chaos Crystals

  There is one type of Caster Armor which is forbidden in every nation of Niorath, the Chaos Armors.   Many of the world's monsters and danger are blamed on use of Chaos magic which caused the nations to ban it's use once and for all. There are still some places however, mostly where people don't like to obey the law as much, where these type of armors can be found.   Since Aelerium has the best Crystalweavers one is most likely to find a Chaos Armor there. It is said that they are far more powerfull than regular Casting Armors.


  The Casting Armors find their origin in Aelerium, one of the successor nations of the Avaronian Empire. It is not certain when the first version of these armors were created. What historians do know is that they became more commonplace between 700 AE and 800 AE. Many of the aristocratic families of Aelerium claim to have been the first creators of the Casting Armors but so far no convincing evidence has been put forth.  

Magi Covenant War

    By the year 891 AE the use of Casting Armors was commonplace and all of the most powerful families in Aelerium had at least one. Many of the armors were even exported towards the other Elven countries of the Magi Covenant such as Mervidel and Kavonia. The Elemental Crystals used in the creation of the armors were becoming high in demand as well. Aelerium soon rose rather quickly in power thanks to the large money influx.                  

Storm Battle

  One of the more famous battles during the Covenant War is the battle that ensued in the very early days. The armies of both Kavonia and Mervidel were marching through the hills of northern Aelerium when a caster using a Casting Armor was flying over them. The general at that time was unsure what he was seeing and first thought it was a bird.   Afterwards a larger number of flying casters flew overhead and launched lightning bolts over the entire battlefront which gave the battle its name.

Join the Fight!

  The time has come to rise up against the oppressors of the Covenant!   Aelerium will not give in!   Join our cause and protect the Aelerium way of life!
— Covenant War Propaganda
    When the other Magi Covenant members decided to force a lower price for Elemental Crystals and all items created with it Aelerium decided to leave the confederation. Both Mervidel and Kavonia did not agree with their sudden loss of access to the resource and a war ensued.   During this war the use of the Casting Armors proved its worth as Aelerium manged to drive both nations back and even conquer some new lands. In the end the magical superiority of Aelerium proved too much for the remaining members of the Covenant and a peace treaty was signed.   From that moment on the use of the Casting Armors has only been on the rise in Aelerium.    


  After the war with the Magi Covenant the other nations attempted to create these armors as well. Although they were often not as good as the Aelerium kind, other nations did manage to recreate them. But due to limited resources in their home countries their use was not as large as in Aelerium. Mervidel was the only other nation in Farlis able to create a decent amount of Casting Armors since they had a large source of Embercrystals.   Although the Crystal Casting Armors are the oldest technique for using Elemental Crystals in clothing variations have been created over time as well. The most famous recent example is the Elemental Armors created by the Oneragan Nations. These armors actually allow non-casters to use elemental powers. In recent history the Oneragan nations even started militarizing this new technique.      




  Originally Casting Armors could only be found in Aelerium and the country made good use of this. Although they currently can be found in other parts of the world, the highest quality Armors are still created in Aelerium. Most of them remain inside the country but some are sold for quite a hefty price.   The largest customer base for the Aelerium Armors is located in the Human countries of Farlis. Since there are not nearly enough Elemental Crystals in the Human countries to create these, the Human magic users are only able to acquire them through Aelerium.      
pixabay coins Dan Dennis.jpg
by Dan Dennis, Pixabay

Crystalweaver in action by Kefkejaco with heroforge


  As it is a costly and difficult project to create or enhance a Casting Armor, each important family has at least one Crystalweaver. This is a very skilled artisan who is able to work with the Elemental Crystals and imbue their power into Casting Armors. A Crystalweaver needs to be both an experienced magic user and skilled artisan. The road to becoming one is long and hard but worth all the trouble since it is one of the jobs with the highest prestige in Aelerium.   To create a Casting Armor the crystal that is used needs to be brought to a fluid state, a process which can be dangerous. This in itself requires a advanced arcane knowledge because crystals in this state have a tendency to unleash all energy at once, rather violently.  
Report number 311.30 1212, Officer Undalir   This morning Halari'el 35 1212 a loud explosion could be heard in district 5 of Infor. When we arrived at the scene it soon became clear that the owner of the destroyed building had made an unauthorized attempt at creating Casting Armors.   Three inhabitants of the building perished shortly after but one only suffered minor bruises. Said person resisted arrest and therefore we were forced to use an appropriate amount of force.
— Police Report
  The Crystalweaver then uses magic to move the fluid into the crevices that were built into the armor beforehand. This is the part of the process when the different patterns of the armors take form. Once this is completed the Crystalweaver will crystallize the fluid again. If this is done correctly the magical properties remain intact. Many inexperienced Crystalweavers have a hard time perfecting this final step.  


  The Casting Armors are one of the creations that the Elves of Aelerium are most proud of. As the families with a magical bloodline are among the most important of Aelerium, owning at least one Casting Armor is a necessity in the higher classes of Aelerium Society. The more of these Armors a family possesses the higher their prestige will be, since the creation of a Casting Armor is still a difficult and costly project. Having an Armor of a rarer kind, such as a Seacrystal Armor, is held in even higher regard.   Armors are usually passed down over several generations and the oldest ones are often put on display in the entrance halls of houses. These oldest armors' design form the basis for newer creations as each family creates different patterns for the breastplate based on the original armor. The family of an Elf wearing a Casting Armor can therefore easily be identified by the pattern on the breastplate.    

For pretending to be a member of the Avrenim family by manner of copying their unique Casting Armor design the accused is hereby sentenced to exile. All copies of the armor will be confiscated as will all of his personal assets.   The other members of his family will not be punished but will be required to pay a fine of 200 Aelir to the Avrenim family.
— Court Case ruling
Family Casting Patterns by Kefkejaco


  Since each family has its own unique design for the breastplates of the Casting Armors, trying to copy this pattern is a punishable offence. Most of the time this punishment is banishment. However, if one were to sell the copies, the punishment could even be death if it is a pattern belonging to one of the ruling families.   The people of Aelerium learn to recognize the patterns of the most prominent families from a young age. When they see a family member wearing a Casting Armor with such a pattern they make sure to do nothing to offend them. There are 4 major families in Infor each with their own flying estate along the Infor crater.
Avrenim Oldest family, among first users of Casting Armors
Velindrin Old family, sole owners of Aelerium Embercrystals
Kambor Old family, main traders in crystals and crystal items
Ilveneri Current leaders, owners crystal mining operations

Cover image: by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


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Great article! I love how the armours send elemental magic attacks :D   Is the crystal on the armour flexible? It seems to be one band of crystal from the illustrations :p I think you can add if its small bits sewn onto the robes to make them form a line.   Are there some slight variations of colour between crystals of a same kind? Would some special taint be privileged over others?   You don't have a mouse-hover snippet for under realms expedition.   I like the history bit. Are crystals very resistant? Some real crystals can get damaged with shock or get dissolved by water or acids. Given their price, I'd imagine some people would not be very happy if something like that were to happen… Can they get damaged if used too much or too much magic is channel through them? Does time has any effect on it?   Not a very necessary element but I'm wondering how the crystals are obtained. Are they mined? Has there been attempt at creating them artificially? Are they safe to mine?   I like the idea of the pattern on the armour being used to identify the family.

6 May, 2021 10:08

Thanks Amélie! :)   So yes they are flexible but only for those capable of using advanced magic. A small layer is sewn on the robes but the breastplate has larger crystals infused. But good idea to include a manufacturing section :)   The crystals are actually very resistant but they can deplete over a very long time. Luckily for the user the ones in the armor are replenished by using magic. But for that entire part I am going to write an article that I should have made a long time ago but I always get sidetracked xp

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Awesome article, I really enjoyed reading through all the aspects of the armour!   I guess my primary question is what exactly are elemental crystals? why are they called elemental? You mention where they can be found but I would love to know more about them and what makes them special.   Second up, I'm curious about the process of making these armours- is there anything special / difficult about it? Between getting the crystals and having a final product of the armour there seems like there could be a lot of interesting or complex steps (harnessing the power of the crystal, fusing the crystal with the armour, getting the crystal to work, etc).   Next up, is it easy to use an armour? Is it like putting on a glove and calling it a day, or must wearers spend time attuning and learning how to use them? In either case, why?   Beyond that I really enjoy the section on the origins of the armour, its very interesting, as well as the section on culture! These are both really nice and help tie the armour into the world in a more personal way. I also really love the use of quotes throughout, tho I find the font / background combo a little hard to read sometimes.   Format wise, I find sidebars always hard to use without being distracting. The entire time my attention was shifting from the main text to the side-bar. Two solutions I can think off would either be 1. to find a way to have the sections in the sidebar match the main-text more or 2. have a smaller side-bar and move some of the main text to the centre using either a full width footer or the credits section in "header".   Hope the feedback helps!! Great work :D

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Magic power armor. That's pretty neat. The war starting due to the other Covenant nations wanting to enforce lower prices for the crystal armor is a sadly realistic turn of events.

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Thank you! :) Yeah I wanted to involve this armor in a war and I thought that a dispute over resources and their uses was a pretty realistic way to make former allies enemies. Nice that you think that as well :)

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This a really interesting article! I love the details on the various elemental abilities that each type of elemental crystal can give the wearer. In one of the side bars you brought up banned chaos armors. I'd be curious to know what kind of magical abilities they have if they're so dangerous as to be globally banned.

24 May, 2021 21:45

Thank you for the kind words! Yes that is a section that I wanted to expand still but I am at the word limit for the challenge. But at some point I will create a seperate article about the crystals which will also discuss those chaos crystals ^^   To give an idea of why there are banned is because it is very powerful but also prone to going wrong which caused a lot of incidents of people losing control of their minds and slowly turning into aberrations.

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Fantastic job! I really enjoyed this article. One thing I found really interesting was the different types of crystals used in the armor, and how that varied things. Each crystal type seems different enough, with some unique properties that allow the armor to branch out beyond the initial concept, which is quite nice! The inclusion of chaos among the other four added some fun variation even beyond this.   Also, I must say I got a kick out of the intimidating effect of the cloudcrystal armor. Having no practical use and all that was fun, just imagining someone acting very seriously with their robes blowing for no particular reason at all.   One question I have, is it possible to combine more than one type of crystal into the armor-making process? Since it is made into a fluid, could more than one be put into the armor? If so, what would this do, and is there a limitation to it?

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Thank you for the kind words! Nice that you like the just cosmetic effect of blowing robes too :p I thought to just add some extra non damaging flavor to it too :p   A great question about combining crystals! I will have to think a bit more about that if it would be possible without destroying the magic. Perhaps something that would still need to be discovered. What would be possible I think is merging some chaos crystal into the mix which would create a more powerful version of the element but at a great instability cost.

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Excellent article!   This feels like an immaculate, clear concept (reminds me of The Last Airbender) elaborating on quite well. The designs of the different armor types look super cool, and my only complaint was that I wanted there to be a fifth type, but then you introduced the chaos one, and I was happy.   I love getting into origins (always), economics and culture, and you explain all of them quite well. The origin is mostly left as a mystery, but I guess that's not that important if the recipe is public knowledge. The economic part makes a lot of sense and goes with the cultural themes and legal repercussions.

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5 Jun, 2021 00:35

Great Article! Absolutely found the idea of Crystal Mage Armour that the elites wear! The different patterns on the armour for certain family’s is a great concept, very much akin to a family crest.   The idea of there being rare crystals that certain houses have a monopoly on is really interesting, especially that they have unique properties that, I’d imagine give them the edge over any potential rivals. Out of interest, how many different crystals are there that are used for the armour? Obviously there’s the four elements and the dubious Chaos variant, with Chaos being it’s normal awful self! Are there any ultra-rare ones that are highly sought after with special properties, or one off unique crystals?   Also it has to be said, the presentation of this article is fantastic, really pops out nicely.

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Thank you for the kind words! ^^ Yes those patterns were an idea that came to me in a later iteration of the article but I am glad I added :)   As to how many crystals there really are that will be an article which I will create in the near future ^^ But I can already give a heads up that there are more such as the Divine Crystals which are mainly used for healing :)

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5 Jun, 2021 04:40

I love the colors you've chosen and how you've altered the armor for each crystal type. Of course, now I want to know more about chaos crystals :) I also really like the different patterns for the different families.   For the casting armor that is sold - does the armor the families sell have a plain pattern / no pattern, or is there some variation on their family pattern (given that the pattern is used to identify family members)?

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6 Jun, 2021 14:28

Thank you hcraven! ^^ And yes mission succeeded if I got you interested in the Chaos Crystals :p   And yes for the ones that are sold only very basic patterns are used which do not belong to any particular family. It can occur that a family type of armor is sold but never of the higher up families of Aelerium. These armors are then also only sold by those specific families.

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Cool! i like the designs on the armors.. I love the layout and pictures you have added... My articles look very pale in comparison. I will need to step up. Awesome!

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Thank you for the kind words! ^^ It is nice to know that my hard work payed off :) And no need to worry I have spent a lot of time on the layout xp but in the end it is mostly the content that matters and yours was fun to read ! :)

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I really thought I'd commented here already, but apparently not?   >> Some of these are merely cosmetic. For example, the winds created around a caster using cloudcrystal armor can blow robes and hair. This looks intimidating but serves no real practical use. <<   I love this. Thanks for giving us some fun SFX along with all the pragmatic bits. :D

28 Jun, 2021 19:55

Thank you for the kind words! ^^ Yes I wanted to give it some pure cosmetic stuff as well so it is nice that it is appreciated :) Sorry for the delayed response with all the summer camp preparation going on I lost track of the notifications here :p

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I love how much detail you've got here, and that it's easy to read even with all that detail. Images are placed well to break up the text. Different design elements further keep me invested. Just great work in every sense.

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Thank you so much for the kind words ^^ Yeah I wanted to put a lot in the article but tried to not create a wall of text so I am glad that it worked :) Sorry for the delayed response with all the summer camp preparation going on I lost track of the notifications here :p

Feel free to check out My Ship entry if you want to see what I am up to!
27 Jun, 2021 00:47

Wow this is incredibly detailed! And I love your formatting. You've done a really great job.

28 Jun, 2021 19:54

Thank you for the kind words^^ Glad you liked it!

Feel free to check out My Ship entry if you want to see what I am up to!