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Magi Covenant

In 624 AE the remnants of the Avaronian Empire had their final split into Mervidel, Kavonia and Aelerium. Originally they formed the Magi Covenant, a confederation, and also included the Dragonborn country Aldhir. The southern country was the only country in the Covenant not ruled by an High Elf ruling class. All countries in the confederation were magocracies but were free to decide how the leaders were determined.   Since 897 AE Aelerium is no longer a part of the Covenant. Their reason for leaving was the fact that Mervidel still held the most power in all political matters mainly due to their powerful bloodlines. In the time leading up to the split Aelerium's power had increased mainly due to increased use of elemental power sources which were commonplace near their capital Infor. Eventually the tensions caused a final break in 891 AE when a new law was introduced that would ensure that the main export of Aelerium, elemental gems, was available to the Magi Covenant at a reduced price. This reduction in price was the last drop and Aelerium notified the other members that it would step out of the confederation. As a reaction an army was sent to the Kavonia Aelerium border to intimidate Aelerium. Instead the country sent their own force and managed to win the battle. Both Kavonia and Mervidel declared war but Aldhir decided to abstain. The war would take several years until a peace treaty was signed. Kavonia lost two of it's regions to Aelerium after the treaty. Due to Aldhir's neutral position in the war it was also forced out of the confederation.   Due to the 1240 AE war all human kingdoms are mistrustful of Mervidel and the Magi Covenant. Especially in Eprus, the country that had to endure the worst of the war, hate towards High Elves has reached an all-time high.


Alle countries of the Covenant are free to determine their own leaders but must ensure that the leaders are powerful magic users. Among the leaders of each country five representatives are chosen to represent the country's interests on the Magic Covenant council, also called the Arcane Chosen. Representatives remain on the council for 20 years regardless of current leaders of a country. Both Mervidel and Kavonia have therefore adapted their elections so that they fall shortly before the new council is chosen. Once the council has been chosen a new election takes place in which both the council and magical institution leaders choose a leader for the Magi Covenant. The title for this position is the Supreme Magi.

Power through Magic

Founding Date
624 AE
Political, Confederation

Mervidel is part of Magi Covenant

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