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The Nekorians are a rather engimatic species for those living far away from their homelands in Mizarin. They are seldom seen in Farlis themselves and only few have travelled to their settlements. Of course the Keepers did manage to gain information about them even when others know little. What remains a mystery, however, even to this day is how they manage to control so many creatures and even trees with little effort.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The Nekorians are perhaps the most influential of all the beastfolk. They managed to maintain territories in the Mizarin region since ancient times. Their societies have remained rather stable and to this day no outside force has ever been able to conquer their central territories.   Among the various species the Nekorians are considered among the most friendly although there is a difference in agression between the Chisir and Torians.  


  All Nekorians have traits similar to feline creatures. Although there are differences in height or fur colour, it is not hard to see the similarities.  


  There are two main types of Nekorians: the Toranians and the Chisir. Although both types live together in the same societies, one type is often more common depending on the region.  
  The smaller Chisir are more regular catlike and smaller. They are often the most nimble and can climb trees like no other species. Their fur color tends to exist mainly out of one fur colour with sometimes smaller areas in a different colour such as feet or ears.   This type is most common near the Mizarin Isles.  
The Toranians are larger and more tigerlike. Because of their size and strength they often become soldiers or perform heavy work. The majority of the priest class is also Toranian. Their fur is always a variation a two colours in a stripe pattern.   This type of Nekorian is most common in the southern Mizarin region and Zarkerik.  


  Most Nekorians can be found in the regions of the Mizarin Jungle. However, they are known to live in other regions as well and can even handle colder climates.  


  Both types of Nekorians are able to reproduce offspring even when one parent is off a different type. If this is the case the children can be either Chisir or Toranian. It is not widely understood how this came to be but it is believed the chance for each type is close to 50/50.  

Additional Information

Mizarin participating in branch swinging by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
Scientific Name
nekan . misar (Nekan Misar)
Geographic Location
Nekorian, common Oneragan
Favoured Climates
Tropical, savannah, warm
Average Height
Chisir: 1.6m, Toranian: 1.9m
On average 90 years


Mizarin Priest by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


  Religion is an important aspect of Nekorian society especially among the Nekorians in the Mizarin Isles. The societies there are controlled by the Mizarin Priesthood who are the devoted to the sacred Mizarin Nightlights. Several religious practices and belief are related to these trees and every Nekorian sees it as their duty to protect and maintain them. The main deity of the Mizarin Nekorians is actually a Mizarin Nightlight itself.   According to Mizarin belief this tree is not located on Niorath itself, but on the largest moon Naelik. The priesthood teaches that the reason that the Mizarin Nightlights light up during the night is to communicate with the Mothertree on the moon. The main temple of the Mizarin faith, located under an exceptionally large Mizarin Nightlight, is a sacred place in direct communication with the Mothertree according to the priesthood.

Due to the priesthood's importance the line between religious practice and law has become blurred. As the priesthood are the only ones capable of communicating with the trees their word is considered law.  


  Many of the celebrations of the Nekorians are centered around the Mizarin Nightlights as well. An important event is the annual Skyviewing which involves several competitions. Most contestants are Chisir as the competitions often involve both climbing and jumping. They train throughout the year with the event being the culmination of their efforts. When the competitions end all Nekorians gather above the canopy to watch the nightsky as the Nightlight trees start to emit light themselves.   Another important aspect of the Mizarin culture regarding the Nightlight trees is the bond with the Lightwalkers. Even though only the priesthood understands their language, they are well loved in the community. At least one building in a settlement is assigned to the Lightwalkers. Nekorians often bring water to these buildings as offerings and to encourage them to stay.  


  The Priesthood of the Mizarin Isles uses the Mizarin Nightlights for various things. Since the form of the tree can be changed on a whim of a priest it is used to create buildings, furniture and even lighting. However one of the most unique ways is the practice of Mizarin Tree Writing. With the power of their rituals the priesthood is able to create art and writing. A Nekorian settlement is filled with wall decorations made with this technique both outside and inside buildings.   For the creation of the lines for art and writing the interior of the trunks is used. By using their mind and incantations the Priesthood is able to reveal the amber interior of the trunks which also has a faint glow.  

Mizarin Tree Writing by Kefkejaco with midjourney


  One of the most important uses of the Mizarin Nightlights is the fact that its structure can be rearranged at will. As a Mizarin settlement expands one of the closest trees is chosen as the new building. A ceremony is performed by the Priesthood to bless the new building and thank the tree for its service to the community. If an exceptionally large building is needed two Mizarin Nightlights in close proximity can be used to create a new structure. A Mizarin settlement is much more vertical in comparison to other humanoid settlements. Due to the height of the average Mizarin Nightlight several houses can be created along the tree's entire length. The different levels of houses are linked via branches making the settlement an intricate web of connected trees.  

Toran Culture

  Altough Toranians also live in the Mizarin Isles the region is mainly populated by Chisir. Their culture is also different from the Nekorian culture in southern Mizarin and Zarkerik. The culture is commonly referred to as Toran culture because it originates from culture of the ancient Toran Kingdom.   In contrast to the Mizarin Isles the Toran Kingdom did not have any Mizarin Nightlights. Therefore they did not become such a prominent aspect of their society. Today the Torans still believe in the Mothertree but they also revere other deities.   Within Toran society the king holds the highest power and is aided by a large warrior class. This is in stark contrast to the more peacefull Nekorians of the Mizarin Isles. The height of power of the Torans is long gone but today the country of Zarkerik, the successor state, still regurally raids the southern Mizarin Jungle.
by kefkejaco with midjourney


Toran Tribes by kefkejaco with Inkarnate

Toran Kingdom by kefkejaco with inkarnate
  Just like there are two main types of Nekorians the history is also twofold. This resulted in the Chisir dominated societies in the Mizarin Isles and the Toranian dominated societies of the souther Mizarin region.  


  Originally it is believed that both types of Nekorians were equally represented in the Mizarin Isles. Eventually a large migration caused a shift in the population. The majority of the Toranians migrated to the souther Mizarin region where they created new clans.  

The Isles

  The societies of the Mizarin Isles remained stagnant for a long time until eventually they decided to venture further. Their first expansion where at the delta of The Risha river. The Nekorians were building colonies at the Risha River quite early in history. Most of the historical information of that region comes from their records. It is also during this time that we first hear about the Nekorians taming all kinds of creatures. Among these creatures are the Giant Turtles and also several types of dinosaurs.   Eventually the Nekorians of the isles ventured further west and north where they conquered territories along the coastline.  

Toran Kingdom

  After several centuries the Toran clans became dominated by a single clan which eventually resulted in the formation of the Toran Kingdom. This nation would become the largest power in the southern Mizarin region for many centuries to come. They conquered most beastfolk territories further north and they eventually controlled most of the Risha river. Even the settlements of the Isles Nekorians at the Risha delta fell into their hands.   They built several cities in the region but started to use the already existing structure of Chimana as their capital. The region became quite properous under their rule but they were eventually ousted by an alliance of the other Beastfolk. It took several centuries more after their loss of Chimana but in the end their territories in the Mizarin jungle became too cumbersome to maintain. The Toran Kingdom, however, still lives on today through the successor nation of Zarkerik.

Raitin Raids

  Many Beastfolk have in recent decades been victims to frequent raids by the Raitin. The Nekorians are no different in that regard. However, when the Raitin tried to move close towards the Nekorian capital of Tsugeti they were quickly repelled. The Mizarin Nightlights were used as a weapon against the Raitin airship. An ability which was unknown up until that point.

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