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Chimana is such a marvelous building. The people who built it, whoever they are, must have had great skill.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Chimana is perhaps one of the biggest mysteries that can be found along the Risha River, at least as far as outsiders know. This gigantic ancient building from unknown origin is made out of a stonelike material which is not found anywhere else in the region. Although the identity of the original builders has become lost to time it is still heavily used by the Beastfolk living around the Risha river.   Due to its gigantic size this monument houses a large city which is supplied by water from the top of the building. Currently it is a temple city for various religions of the Risha region, which believe that the building was constructed by the gods.

Extra Information

Deep within the Mizarin jungle near along the Risha river.
Construction Date
Chimana priests
Safe haven for Beastfolk and a temple city




  From the outside the building looks like a gigantic terrace pyramid although its terraces are far wider than any other building of its kind on the planet. Chimana's highest point is 150m from the ground level and consists of a large rectangular room which is currently used as the main temple. From there there is a new level every 10m. Each level spans such a large surface area that the pyramid itself is larger than many cities. From side to side the temple spans an astonishing 2km.   From the top of the buildings water flows down along several cascades. After going doing down a level the cascades fill the cannals of the level below. This in turn creates a large irrigation network across the entire surface of Chimana watering the buildings many garden and crops. At the edge of Chimana the water final flows into the Risha river. The true origin of this water is unknown as the well from which it flows has never been explored.  


  While some buildings are built on top of the terraces most people actually live within the building itself. As eacht level has a height of almost 10m there is a vast amount of room. Many areas of the building are not even used and perhaps some not even explored. In some places the ancient walls are still in good shape giving a hint as to what Chimana used to look like. These parts are made of an unknown white material which in some places even changes colours. In many places one can see wave like patterns that actually move on those ancient remains of the walls. In parts where no white coverings remain the inhabitants of Chimana have painted the underlying walls in bright colours, often also in wave like patterns.   Most people in Chimana live inside rooms that were built by the original builders but some have made their own houses in the large hallways. These hallways themselves get plenty of natural light through the roof which in some parts is still covered by the original glass.    

Risha River


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  Who exactly discovered Chimana is not known as the Beastfolk of the region did not keep written records at that time. It is, however, believed that it has been part of their religions and cultures for quite some time when Human explorers set foot in the region. The original builders are the Gods according to the people living there. Although there are many similarities with ruins from the Prime Asmer, there are still some differences.  

Capital to Temple

  As Chimana is seen as the most important site in the Risha region it was very coveted by the various factions of Beastfolk. The owner of the structure changed quite often until the Toranians captured it and made it into their capital for about a century. Eventually they were ousted by an alliance of Beastfolk. From that moment on Chimana was made into an independent religious state that none of the Beastfolk could claim.   Many temples were constructed inside and on top of Chimana dedicated to the various religions of the region. No single religion has the sole power in Chimana to ensure that all people of the Risha region can be welcome in Chimana. Each religion head is a member of the council for matters concering all of Chimana. The temples themselves are the responsibility of the religion heads themselves. The exception for this is the main temple which is used by all priests of Chimana.  

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